Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. A strong and independent

Workers Naughty Dog have repeatedly said that the supplement – not their strong point. It is not that they have not obtained. Just as a team work so enthusiastic people that any DLC is gradually turning into a single large project. And The Lost Legacy excellent example of this: the developers a little carried away and instead add-made (almost) a full game.

History is not the most prominent, but most importantly it is not events, and relationships of the characters. And this aspect of the occasion.

In the footsteps of Lady Croft

From the first frame, it is clear that the continuation of Uncharted 4  treated more than serious. Is striking and brand for the studio attention to detail and production design, and the quality of each scene – everywhere shines the amount invested effort and money.
When one considers the unique animations for the same type, it would seem, acts or see how stretches cheese on pizza, created just for one scene, it is clear that about his obsessive approach guys from Naughty Dog is not evil.
Some cutscenes are not so well placed, as before, but the facial animation and the work of all the actors compensate. Watch how they make faces and facial expressions play – a pleasure.
The game looks without exaggeration exquisite: there are great jungles and huge waterfalls and giant statues, as if straight from a postcard. And the story turned out to become a great game: the villains, complex relationships, a full disclosure of the characters and the couple suddenly.
The main heroine, however, this time was the Hloya Freyzer – a friend Natana Dreyka from the previous installments. Nate himself, as promised, was sent into retirement, but Chloe until there is not going to. Rest it is not needed, and in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves  , it became clear that the young lady will stop only bony. Chloe too brisk and energetic, with an insatiable craving for adventurism, risk and violate regulations.
The similarity with the restarted Tomb Raider  sometimes striking.
However, this time around Miss Fraser takes place much more serious story: in The Lost Legacy, she returned to her homeland to India in search of a tusk of Ganesha – another relic and the character of its people. And Chloe’s interests not only mercantile: she follows in the footsteps of his father, and he was literally obsessed with finding this treasure. And in general, the attitude towards India in the Fraser particular. So get ready and serious conversations, and sad memories and touching moments.
The intensity of the drama only reinforces new workmate Chloe – Nadine Ross. That it was one of the “villains” in Uncharted 4 , and after the crushing defeat turned-treasure hunter. And the relationship a couple of characters worthy of a separate story.
In The Lost Legacy all the attention switched to the women and almost all men – either inefficiency or scum. And a play is in its own interest.
Nadine – hereditary military, and in terms of finding artifacts still new. Therefore, a little giddy, “explosive” style adventures of Chloe for her – a real savagery and a sign of unprofessionalism. In addition, the first character of each other and really do not know, so that they are constantly in conversations (always and everywhere) set at each other a lot of questions, and discuss everything from Indian myths to their attitude to Drake.
And for the finale between heroines formed a real bond. Screen “chemistry” has always been the strongest party writers Naughty Dog , and here and did become almost the main charm of the game. Fed it through a lot of details: from minor (seemingly) small replicas to facial expressions and friendly poking shoulder.
Chloe appears already in the third game, but this time it failed to disclose the real thing.
But we must acknowledge that due to the abrupt change of mood Uncharted ceased to be the sun, full of humor and positive adventure to which we are accustomed. Instead, The Lost Legacy is trying to play on the field of Lara Croft, repeating the circuit with her old feelings about his father, an archaeologist and a bunch of major mines.
Partly pathos level reaches a critical value – then suddenly reincarnate characters of adventurous in these characters. And like this turn is not all. Although missing here and jokes and adventures, and crazy situations – especially towards the end, when the company gets bigger heroes.

the movie is not

It does not extradite former DLC and gameplay. He, however, with the fourth part has not changed: still the same puzzle, and parkour action. But in almost any situation, developers have found than to diversify the process, so always interesting to play.
For example, during a firefight you suddenly will drive the armored car, which will have to somehow blow, and in a deceptively quiet temple literally beat out the ground from under the feet, destroying the ancient structure. Although the action is good even without such turns.
Ballistics and the sound of gunfire is still at a level so that the fire is a pleasure.
Then you and the option of stealth and vertical gameplay, and destructible cover, and spacious arena, ideal for improvisation, and a lot of different weapons. And even a rope, by which you can move from one point to another almost instantly. It turns out exemplary sandbox where you untie the hands.
You can, of course, hide and shoot all in a silent way, but you can make a rapid action type run’n’gun, where it is important to quickly change the cover and weapons and are constantly moving. The more that local enemies – dangerous comrades and tenacious, and the firing of all weapons from rockets to sniper rifles, grenades and fill up, and come from all sides, too, do not hesitate.
There was a place here and steps with rope, appeared in the fourth part.
However, skirmishes here – not the main thing. As the fourth part, The Lost Legacy focuses on puzzles and parkour: almost constantly have somewhere to climb or to think what to do with yet another unknown mechanism. Almost every stage of a different, if not ideologically, at least feed.
One puzzle, for example, meet Chloe statues with axes that cut the head of anyone who makes a mistake. And almost all the ancient buildings, where will climb, will sooner or later be destroyed – one spectacular another.
Locations in The Lost Legacy is not as much as in parts of the license, and outside India do not come out of the game events. But there is a dirty city streets (and rooftops), and the jungle, and ancient temples.
Even still overexposed in the fourth part of moments like pulling boxes are put at least a little, but anyway. In one situation, something suddenly breaks down, the other heroine themselves behave in a different way, beating all the next joke. So
me tasks naparnitsa can generally resolve itself to Fraser once again not strained. And it’s a pleasant surprise.
At some point, the game even gives a semblance of an open world. Yes, it was in the fourth part, but here and impressive area, and doing a great: and gathering, and several temples to choose from, and travel in a jeep on dirt, and even the tower (but only one).
The ability to make photographs of landscapes and mess around with picks – small but nice additions. And instead of a diary, which was Drake, Chloe uses the card.
Although open worlds have never been the hallmark of Naughty Dog, to explore vast locations here exciting. All three types of gameplay alternately replace each other: each temple or search medallions (optional task) are necessarily little or puzzle, or an acrobatic stage, or a skirmish with the enemy. Those who get tired and it can take a ride in a jeep, whose physics here would envy, and some races. And literally every little heroine react whole string of brilliant dialogue, which goes to and Drake, and fathers of girls, and Indian deities.
Neil and Bruce Drakmann Strale took part in the project indirectly. And sometimes it feels sometimes dialogues and setting a little bit, but sag.
However, mistakes, of course, is here. At times, it brings the level design, and you’re surrounded by smooching or advance you see where you are waiting for a skirmish. Sometimes, though rarely, the heroine herself can leave the shelter in the middle of the battle. And sometimes, a game designer denies a sense of proportion: for example, at one point, developers use the revival of enemies, which in 2017 can already be considered bad form.
In addition, the kit includes The Lost Legacy multiplayer fourth.