Ultimate Hunting will be the most expensive game Ultimate Games – review addiction

Polish publishing house Ultimate Games announced the most expensive project in its portfolio. Hunter Simulator Ultimate Huntingthe studio is working on 3T Games, is created on the Unreal Engine, and the budget for the game will be from 700 thousand to 1.2 million dollars. It should go into Early Access in 2022 Steam

As the publishers assure, the debut trailer uses real footage of the gameplay. Ultimate Hunting relies on realism, and the game must compete with the popular Hunter: Call of the Wild… And we will hunt in two regions: in Africa and America.

Ultimate Games Publisher, known for a range of fishing simulators ranging from Ultimate Fishing Simulator, not so long ago took the last, 48th place in the ranking of the best publishers according to the version Metacritic… In addition, it turned out to be the only one on the list whose average score of released games did not reach 50.

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