Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a large-scale failure

Imagine an immense battlefield on which two armies are about to face: on the one hand, thousands of Santa Claus, on the other side of the skeletons armed with sword and shield. Face to face is epic. Nobody seems to fear the clash. The units advance proudly and orderly ending up to collimate loudly. It’s chaos: dozens of babes fall to the ground, as many skeletons fall to the ground and ..


. enough, because they can not do anything else. At the end of the fight the skeletons won. What used to be a lush green grass, is now a suffocating conglomeration of synthetic red jackets on the corpses of fat soldiers. The evil has won and next Christmas the children will receive only spadate as a gift.


Imagine that many of you have asked some questions by reading the previous paragraph. For example, since we are talking about a video game, some will have wondered what our role was on the battlefield. Which army did we drive? Did we direct the troops? What tactical decisions could we make? Others will have started from farther and will have sought to look for the narrative assumptions,


which is why the Santa Claus had to fight against skeletons. Still others will have been intrigued by the lack of details inherent in the battlefield itself.


In short, your starting point will surely be considering the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator a kind of strategic, perhaps very simplified.Unfortunately you have fallen into a terrible misunderstanding and the answers to your questions are all terribly negative. 


Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is almost a joke born as a phenomenon thanks to some youtuber who, after having discovered it on Steam, have made videos giving it a certain popularity for a few days. In fact, to make a video the title of Brilliant Game


Studios is fine: you choose the troops, you set the amount, is positioned on the battlefield and you are watching how they behave, directing the movements through the terrifying interface. Each unit, whether melee or long distance, has its own values ​​that determine the outcome of the battles.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a large-scale failure

The game editor allows you to customize them in various ways and … it’s all here; apart from the ability to move the camera to frame the action as you want, also wanting to take the point of view of one of the units to fight directly. But do not expect anything involving: the animations are bad and fighting means only pressing a repetition key hoping to resist for as long as possible.


The direct control is a feature so badly made that after a while you pretend it does not exist:the shots of the soldiers have no weight and often do not even collide with the bodies of the enemies. It takes five minutes to realize that direct control has been added


more as a sop and as a targeted feature to differentiate a minimum of gameplay. Even taking a powerful unit like Chuck Norris (yes, there is also him, even if with the name slightly crippled) it is possible to raise the situation.

housands and Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator turns into a slideshow on most systems.Yet the troops are ugly to see, much more than those found in the various Total War, due to the lack of detail and awkward animations. Even the battlefields seem to be realized in a hurry using low quality resources. What will you ever have to boast …