Ubuntu GamePack 18.04 Gaming Distribution Released – review

Despite the fact that Linux is not considered a gaming platform, there are distributions that support a maximum of entertainment projects. One of these is Ubuntu GamePack 18.04.

This assembly came out the other day and is available for free. It includes tools and tools for launching more than 55 thousand games and applications. Moreover, it is both native and created for Windows and MS-DOS. Tools used to run Playonlinux, Crossover and Wineas well as emulators Dosbox and Dosemu.

By default, the system has the GNOME Flashback graphical environment, but other options are available. The system supports Steam, Lutris, Itch clients, you can also run online games using Adobe Flash and Oracle Java.

Note that in the distribution repositories with almost 800 games are already connected. There is also Gnome Twitch support for watching game videos and eSports streams. Of the features of this assembly, we note the update of all packages to current versions.