Whatever you do, someone will suffer; and if not, you will be the one who pays the consequences in this dark world of fantasy that well remembers the debts contracted. You may not notice it at the beginning; that “annoying” a group of mercenar


ies does not have clear repercussions … until that moment of great need arrives, you come back to run into them, and for some reason or other you end up in an unnecessary fight. Not always the answer is so obvious. The subtlety with which the creato


rs of Pillars of Eternity reflect each and every one of our decisions is simply masterful. You feel inside a living world, in constant evolution, that adapts with great realism to each step you take. Few games match him.



The law of the tyrant

Deciding on the life or death of people in this video game takes a scary look. Here the bad guys have already won, they are the ones who rule the world of Terratus, so killing an innocent is the softest thing they will do. It’s okay? Wrong? The greatness

of Tyranny is that he flees from this simplicity. You will commit vile acts and in some way you will seek justification for such atrocities. Burn
ing a village, with its inhabitants inside, may be the only way to save thousands of innocents. Or at least it is the lie that you tell yourself. It is disturbing, and at the same time fascinating, how Obsidian
plays with your head confronting you, again and again, to situations in which you do what you do, someone will always die. Does this mean that you can not do good? What bad things win yes or yes? The answer is no.


Tyranny analysis

In addition to the physical aspect and its skills, it is necessary to outline the plot background of the protagonist. This decision will mark how other characters see us.

With an amazing freedom of action , in Tyranny you can even position yourself in favor of those you fight against; be compassion


ate with the rebels who have dared to rise up against your master, the evil Kyros , and somehow fight to give them back their freedom. This, of course, has consequences. I already said it before. Terratus is a world that never fo


rgets. You can do whatever you want but, in the end, you will win the enmity of one of the many factions that populate this great universe of fantasy. Even within the armies of the tyrant there are groups with their own motivations and ways of a


cting that will constantly seek your favor. Do not you give it to him? Then they will be aggressive, not very motivated to help you … or even attack you!


Tyranny PC

The argument is tremendous. Epic, dark and mature

That’s how cool the chaotic war world that Obsidian has built with a sublime narrative pulse. The story is passionate, epic, obscure in the topics it deals with and very mature in the way it does it. At times he reminded me of the memorable

 Planescape: Torment because of the importance it gives to the narrative and the countless ramifications that arise from each and every one of our decisions. There are so many paths to explore, so many possible answers to offer, that once you complete the trip you will want to enjoy the thrilling action of Tyranny again.



Every decision, however small, has consequences in a world where, at the minimum, they swear eternal hatred. In this sense, Tyranny is sublime!

Pity that when things get better, and more epic history becomes, everything ends up leaving you with a strange bittersweet feeling. The adventure is fantastic, incredible, but it does not have an outcome that is equal to the exceptions that it


generates. The same goes for the allies of our protagonist. Most of them have an argumentative background worthy of praise, especially Barik, but not enough in it; you have the ingredients, the necessary elements to create a story capable of leaving you speechless … and almost that you tiptoe over them.


It sounds more serious than it really is, because as I said, on the plot Tyranny is a spectacular video game, the best that has been written in recent years; But it’s hard not to feel disappointed when you see your potential so clearly.


Tyranny PC

Fury of the warrior

At the playable level, the new Obsidian offers just what the fans requested. Role of the old school, of the good, of which grants great freedom so that you personalize the details of the attributes and special abilities of the protagonists. In this s

ense, unlike Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny breaks with the traditional archetypes. A magician can heal and attack with the same effectivenes
s, in the same way that a warrior can carry a great twist and at the same time be skilled in the handling of the bow. Everything depends on us, on how we invest the points of experience and, please, also on how we face our own action. It is another great news.