Two HDMI ports and USB-C – Microsoft showed the rear panel of the Xbox Series X

January 7, AMD held its own presentation as part of CES 2023, where, among other things, briefly talked about the console Xbox Series X. Baby show Microsoft accompanied by a small video showing the console from all sides. For the first time, the back panel of the device, on which various ports for connection are located, was lit in it.

It turned out that the Xbox Series X will have two HDMI ports (apparently, like the Xbox One – for input and output), an optical port for audio output, an Ethernet port and two USB-C connectors. It seems that there will be only one traditional USB port – on the front of the device. At the back of the Xbox Series X is also a regular two-pin connector, hinting that Microsoft will use the next-generation Xbox’s internal power supply.

The company officially unveiled the Xbox Series X last month at a ceremony The Game Awards 2019. It is known that a specially developed processor based on the AMD Zen 2 architecture and Radeon RDNA will be installed inside the system. On the Xbox Series X, Microsoft will also use the NVMe solid state drive to reduce boot time. The console will support 8K resolution, frame rates up to 120 fps and ray tracing.

Microsoft plans to release the Xbox Series X during the 2023 Christmas holidays.

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