On it also, by the way, I got a cute Never Alone, which were equal to the developers, while also keeping in mind the Ori and the Blind Forest, Braid and Trine. Conjure up a pleasant picture? Oh yeah, the idea, the visual design and frankly relaxing gameplay in the early levels is set to a positive mood.

With the ideas and begin. In the town of TurnOn suddenly passed out electricity. Nothing works – from the Tamagotchi to traffic lights.

Save the people from the apocalypse (remember the story “And the darkness has come” Ayzeka Azimova) should genial spark had fallen on the head of a local scientist.

Next – we skip over the wire, and the chips in search of anything that could ignite. Subject electricity raised Brainy, is not new – it comes to mind Teslagrad and Mr. lamp of Stay Alight. TurnOn not trying to be a high-speed platformer or abstruse puzzle. The game matched Never Alone, calls for calm exhale and enjoy.

Here is a girl petrified, not daring to go down a dark street – okay, we will help. Won the youth fell into despondency to interrupt the party – well, they will return to music.

Here vandals burning books, and there – looters burst into the supermarket. Let’s understand! Alien lightning rushes from problem to problem, moving around the city blocks on the car of the scientist, equipped with an electric generator.

What is interesting to us is not the usual platformer: quickly realize that the levels are distributed in depth (as in Valiant Hearts: The Great War).

Unfortunately, moving between the mean, the foreground and background is not entirely successfully implemented.

Changing perspectives does not affect the size Ternon that great tangle. Because of the questionable decisions often find yourself in a dead end – far beyond something to go? Yes, and “leaps of faith” do not really want to do, given how few points on the conservation levels. Sometimes affect the technical problems – to quietly run further, you need to restart the game.

Another claim to developers – a modest presentation of the plot. Savers between the steps presented in the form of comics (sometimes frankly stingy with details – like skyscrapers before the assault), here and there wagging camera aside, letting him know what happened, but the characters are silent.

Rather, moo. Although there is no – mutter in the manner of The Sims, causing the smile, the irritation. On the Stream, by the way, players reacted differently to the local dialect, are more inclined to the fact that it is still the original discovery.

Taking into account the scale of development, do not want to focus on the chart. She TurnOn nice, but 2D-sets (flat grass, dishes, etc..) And clumsy 3D-models of characters and vehicles do not always get along. On the other hand, the gamma is chosen very well – despite the total darkness that engulfed the city, the environment damn, “warm”, almost fairy – like in any cartoon. However, believe it not – especially when you see the skyscrapers, pasted wires to match the Christmas tree.

And the last thing “prikopalis” – musical speed levels (like the stage with tram seriously undermine many nerves). Here the point of reaction to jump apart from the grace of the surgeon, so that it may seem, well, unresponsive management. This is not so – just in front of us a drop of “hardcore” in a barrel meditative gameplay.


Perhaps, Brainy Studio worth to begin to release TurnOn on smartphones and tablets, to how to test the audience. While the “relaxing” levels sometimes drive in sleep (especially artificially tightened last), “hardcore” feel the strength of patience. 

We recently spoke with the developers, and they reported that “platforming” negotiating the release on consoles, the Nintendo and Sony, plus do not forget about the iOS and Android. Well, time to bring to mind TurnOn they definitely have.