Tripwire Interactive does not want to deal with because of the president’s attitude to abortion – Igromania

President of the publishing house Tripwire Interactive John Gibson decided speak out in support Supreme Court ruling on the Texas Abortion Act. And his opinion was instantly subjected to sharp criticism from both colleagues in the shop and collaborating studios.

I am proud that the US Supreme Court has legalized a Texas law outlawing abortion after a fetus has a heartbeat. As an entertainment worker, I don’t get involved in politics very often. However, given how many colleagues are on the other side of this position, I feel it is important to establish myself as a pro-life game developer.

John Gibson

This statement by the president of Tripwire Interactive has received a strong reaction. Gibson was opposed by Corey Barlog, Alana Pearce, Cliff Blesinski, Chet Falisek, Gary Witt, Mitch Dyer and other representatives of the gaming industry. Players are urged to ignore Tripwire Interactive games.

The studio has already reacted to the general outrage Shipwrightwho participated in the development Maneater and Chivalry 2… She stated to terminate all contracts with the publisher.
Your political position remains your own until you express it and involve all those who work with you. We’ve worked with passionate and talented developers from Tripwire and its partner studios for over three years, and we understand that it is difficult and uncomfortable for employees to speak out and act in these scenarios.

We’re sorry, but we feel it would be a disservice to us, our employees, our partners, and the industry as a whole to leave this uncommented.

Shipwright Studios

Torn Banner Studios, creators of Chivalry 2, decided to remain neutral and took a detached position.

We do not share the opinion expressed in a recent tweet from the head of Tripwire, publisher of Chivalry 2. This point of view is not supported by our team, and it does not find expression in the games we create. This statement is contrary to what we believe in the issue of women’s rights.

Torn Banner Studios

Tripwire Interactive has yet to comment on this issue.

Recall that a law passed in Texas prohibits abortion if the fetus has already begun to palpitate – that is, in fact, after the sixth week of pregnancy. However, no exceptions are made even in cases of rape or incest, only for medical reasons.

The law was signed into law by the governor of Texas in May, but several organizations have tried to block it in the Supreme Court. However, the court did not find anything unconstitutional in it, and the law is already coming into force.

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