TrackMania Turbo

How about this delivery called Turbo? It is a remarkable videogame of speed that seems simple in appearance, in fact even in the back


ground it is, but that hides in its interior a plethora of possibilities thanks, mainly, to the fact that it has a track editor loaded with alt


ernatives that comes to reproduce the true spirit of the franchise, a triple C: Create, Share and Compete. Create circuits full of impossible

challenges, and publish them for the enjoyment of the monstrous community that lives, breathes and oozes Trackmania from every pore.



Speed ​​in Pure State

In terms of driving this Nadeo work offers exactly what is expected of him. It is a simple and direct experience that seeks primarily to entertain and entertain about any attempt to offer something realistic. This supposes that we should not expect a tru

thful behavior of the vehicles on their circuits, but rather a crazy move forward to advance with the sole intention of improving
our times and achieve impossible maneuvers. At a time when the videogame industry seems to be inclined so often by proposals of serious and deep simulation, or at least by hybrids with a certain complexity, it is very pleasant to see how there are studies t
hat continue betting on making us smile at the wheel, instead of forcing us to doses of concentration as brutal as those references that we all have in our heads.


TrackMania Turbo analysis

Incredible maneuvers, spectacular jumps, vertical races … Trackmania Turbo is a dream for lovers of impossible circuits.

All this means that in Turbo you have to stop, yes, but more to correct slightly a possible wrong entry in a curve than to solve some rou


tes whose main pretense is to invite us to bet on the skid. Feel comfortable pulling handbrake is one of the strengths of the program to minimize our times, and only by becoming true masters of this maneuver will we be able to offer


some kind of competitive alternative in the multiplayer program. Otherwise the cars are able to make all kinds of impossible movements and have an enviable grip on a few tracks in which the loops, jumps and the most absurd slopes follow each other in a constant way in a set in which only the spectacle matters .


The real king of the videogame is his track editor, which, as is traditional, offers endless possibilities

The vehicles ? As is logical each car has its particularities, although as has been the tradition in the series we owe neither an overwhelmin

g variety that can offer a substantial alternative to the best-known names of the genre, nor a particularly accurate behavior in its performance. Yes, of course, some reach their top speed faster than others, and some are more sensitive to spinning or skidding than others, but it’s nothing that does not take more than a few minutes to master. As we sa
y, the purpose of Nadeo at the head of the series has always been to entertain, not to overwhelm, and with this episode they have not made any kind of exception, although in the end this type of decisions can tire in the medium term. Like the musical record
s, sometimes what “fast goes fast goes”, and while Turbo is able to offer us many hours of entertainment it will be more for a particular effort to improve ourselves and pulverize our timesthan to enjoy a exact simulation or of a certain variety of types of experience.


TrackMania Turbo PC

TrackMania Turbo

TrackMania Turbo

The driving is simple, we will not take long to familiarize ourselves with the handling of the cars.

At the end of the day if we want to set a record time in each of the tracks, the last end of our speed tests in the series, we should not rub the c


ar one iota and each line is little less than perfect and millimeter to where we take each turn. If we do not care, there is no problem, especially in


our first compasses with the program when we are familiar with its handling, the rubbing of the racing car with the walls that delimit the routes do not slow us down too much and it is the ideal learning curve to start with. After the circuitsthey get complicated and winning in shades, of course, and sometim


es even the visible limits disappear to make room for great landscapes in which it is easy for the car to get lost, crash with rocks or even fall int


o the water and forcing us to return to start. We can do it from the last checkpoint or from the beginning depending on what we need, but in the end to achieve great times and compete with the world we will repeat them again and again.


And is that the real protagonists of the video game are the tracks themselveswhat are we going to go through The game hides several hu


ndred circuits very careful and studied to hide a lot of alternatives in their bowels. In fact, in its extensive deck of alternatives on which we will put our tires we find an exploration of the aesthetic alternatives and style of travel that we saw in the three divisions of Trackmania 2 that we enjoyed at the time: Canyon Grand Drift more NASCAR s


tyle in roads that cross deserts and canyons, International Stadium similar to Formula 1 and Valley Down and Dirty reminiscent of buggies for its sand), as well as the newcomer Lagoon Rollercoaster that gives us the most exotic routes in terms of acroba


tics. In each race we are linked to a vehicle that brings out the best possibilities of the place in which we compete, and that offers a v


ery different style of driving to adapt to the theme of it. What they all have in common is the immediacy and being tremendously direct, many of them are overcome in less than a minute, and the game bet much more for the repetition and improvement of our performance on them.