Towerfall Ascension

Playstation 4 made many promises when it was first introduced. He knew how to play his cards after seeing the intentions of the competition and he ran as the “made to play” console. But beyond the words, the facts showed that Sony had in mind a plan to develop on different fronts. And one of them was that of indie games.


Playstation 3 has ended up gaining a lot of ground in this aspect, and the new console of the Japanese company wants to start at full speed on this matter.


Several interesting projects were announced, some exclusive, and since this month of March in PSN (also in PC for some days now) is  Towerfall Ascension , a small wonder capable of mixing explosive gameplay with a tribute to the pixel that comes from Ouya .

The title in question poses a very simple premise . We are in a central scenario with different platforms and projections that connect one side to another (and from bottom to top) in which we have to overcome waves of enemies. When we finish with all of them, we move on to the next wave.


When we finish all the rounds, we finish that level. Our arsenal is simply limited to an arch with some arrows. When we shoot them -we start with three- we have to go pick them up to continue having ammunition. It sounds simple, and it is. But this formula offers unparalleled fun.

TowerFall Ascension (PC) screenshot

We refer, first, to the Quest mode that is set for a player or for two. In this there are enemies of all kinds, some of the basics, parcas of death that attack us, flying soldiers that throw tornadoes, knights with bow, clones of ourselves, structures that shoot fireballs, small lizards that burn the ground, ghosts agile … with the bow we can aim and shoot in all directions, but be careful. Our own arrows can fall on us and kill us, for example. The madness is total and absolute as we move through the waves of each level.

Begin to appear enemies on the screen that move at full speed, which surprise us because they go down a corridor on the left and appear on the right (very recreational Mario Bros ), or directly fall from the sky. Being attentive to everything at the beginning is complicated, but then we notice that we are moving quickly and agilely as if we were familiar with the game for years.


The madness is multiplied by the theme of the arrows. It is very common to run out of arrows, and the time it takes to look where they are can be lethal to kill us. Run for them, dodge enemies, jump over them to kill them when we lack ammunition, pick them up, shoot, escape down a corridor …


frenzy in its purest form. It has hilarious moments. In a final wave I found an enemy archer, both (him and me) without arrows. I staged a chase for almost a minute with false jumps to hit him, evasive (made with the triggers) and sliding down the corridors, which once removed the feeling of satisfaction was huge.

The sensation is often that of being in a classic shoot’em up , where you are waiting to dodge enemy attacks, collect the power upsand shoot the enemy.


Well the same, but in the form of combat arena and with a bow. The different arrows that we find – one that bounces, one that crosses the platforms, another that explodes – as well as some power ups as a protection (if we receive a blow we die and lose a life, and with this we have an extra blow),


arrows extras or wings to move freely around the stage add more randomness to situations, since our own shots can be our grave. In addition, all this in a demanding difficulty but well calibrated and a hardcore mode for those who want to test their patience. As an extra there are also trials that invite us to pass tests in the minimum possible time that are also demanding.