Total War Warhammer 2

But everything that revolves around the worlds of table games created by Games Workshop fits perfectly with a strategy videogame , and the richness of the features could allow the British studio to progress in one of the usual TW must to date: the fact that in their games, the


se were not too different to ensure balance. The result we verified in 2016, and it was so brilliant that it silenced even the most stark and loaded criticism of distrust and suspicion. The first Total War: Warhammer was a spectacular RTS in particular, and one of the best video games of last year in general. The second part begins its journey with the ambition to overcome.


Why is this important? In Creative Assembly they have specialized in offering sequels that were something like the low profile version of the previous


game. That does not mean that Attila was not an excellent videogame, but it was a continuation of Rome II rather less ambitious. Or that the Fall of Samurai did not do the same with Shogun II to be a launch as bright as that, but more modest in terms of


pretensions. Total War: Warhammer II does not reduce the prism of the original title, and in only a year and a half it shows that it is capable of introducing four new factions, some playable changes of interest and, above all, an individual campaign of great substance.



Hammer of War

One of the things in which we have seen a clear will to change with the merger between these two brands is in everything that has to do with the narrative . Anyone who has played previous titles of Creative Assembly knows that, in what are the

ir strategic forays, the part related to the story does not matter much. That’s because, so to speak, the story of a Total War until the arrival of Warhammer was written by us. This means that, despite being historical video games, the fate, progress and development of different peoples was governed by our iron fist, and it was us who traced the progress of an argument that worked more in our imagination than in our own playable formula


Total War Warhammer 2 analysis

Each of the races that we have at our disposal has two Lords to choose from. Each one has its strengths, spells and virtues.

With this Total War: Warhammer 2 we have a script and this, finally, has importance. Everything revolves around The Great Vortex, a mysterious vortex of power that emerged in the middle of this world as a response of magicians to try to ward off evil


and that, now that it weakens, attracts the attention of the different factions that are in conflict. Whoever gets his power will dominate the rest, so the experience becomes a great race to the death with the other sides to see who ends up being the most powerful thanks to his control, and ends up devastating his opponents. This is the starting signal for a formula that, for the


rest, has strong formal reminiscences with how all the previous Total War have started: with each of the races distributed in different points of the scenario and with a rather modest territorial base .


Total War Warhammer 2 PC

Forces to meditate and squeeze the possibilities of each turn like never before

From there begins that constant countdown under whose yoke we will always live in this title. One that, while not changing the slow and brainy spirit of the game, it does force us to meditate and squeeze the possibilities of each turn as we had never done before in a

release of this saga. The thing is splashed very nicely with that interesting story that I’m talking about, one that does not have as much presence as to hinder the development of the different turns on which the strategic part turns, but which does offer some beautiful cin
ematic and an unexpected plot twist in the final third of the campaign. At the end each of the armies has its motives to take control of the Vortex domain, whether they are related to doing good or evil, and that is one of the best fuels for the story mode.


Total War Warhammer 2

Rituals are the key element of the campaign. The preparations are hard, but it is the way to end up winning.

To overcome we have to complete five blocks of a long process with many demands and that is divided into different Rituals , each one of them with its characteristics. Fulfilling them is not an easy task and, for example, the last one has leonine conditions and i


t takes 20 turns to complete, 20 turns in which we will be the focus of attention of all our adversaries before we can release the access to the majestic Final Battlethat will allow us to win the game. This puts us in a marathon to control a huge number of settlements and cities to generate everything we need to win, something that can overwhelm those who are anguished d


ominate many cities because to win we will end up requiring several tens under our command. The first part limited the factions themselves and their characteristics as far as we could go and limited in some way the dimensions of our empire, here beyond the obvious penalties on this or that side in difficult conditions for him, the barriers are non-existent.


Total War Warhammer 2 PC