Total War campaign

Out of the tunnel
The Skaven are the largest and most extensive breed of Warhammer, their settlements include the farthest areas of the continents, with a real Underground Empire scattered beneath the most famous cities of the Empire, between the ports of Tilea, the capitals of the Empire and also the foundations of the imposing elves.
Despite their power, there is not a single, unified kingdom of the Skaven, constantly fighting among themselves and fragmented into numerous clans, in turn, obviously, always on the verge of riots, “coups of state” and betrayal: this division is the only true reason that divides the hungry rat men from the final conquest of the above lands, which an ancient prophecy foretells will fall under their long incisors.
Skaven’s society is always in turmoil, and the weak stability that lies in its foundations is guaranteed by two pillars: the Horned Rat and the Thirteenth Council. The Horned Rat is the only true god who lives the Skaven’s pantheon, though not properly affiliated with Chaos, pursues the ultimate destruction of the world and is nurtured by its adherents and priests through rituals of blood and sacrifices .
The Horned Cult cult joins all Skaven clan, as well as the Council of Thirteen, an organ placed above individual factions and chaired by eleven clan leaders, by Kritislik, the most powerful and fearsome Gray Seers – Skaven Priests – while the thirteenth and last place is left symbolically empty and is occupied by the Horned Rat in person.
Regrettable of the continuing civil wars that bloody the Underworld, the Council of Thirteen has a single purpose: to plan and plan the conquest of the world, establishing war plans, points to emerge from the subsoil and clinging momentary alliances between the clans. Of course, the Unity of the Thirteenth Council is nothing but an illusion, and within it, there is also betrayal, assassination, usurpation and fratricidal fights: there is no Skaven safe from its like, a warlord must continually watch out for his enemies and his friends and there is no single moment of peace.
The constant search for war and booty is not only caused by the wickedness of the Skaven, but the main reason lies in the metabolism and genes of this corrupt race: the clan of rat men are in fact the constant search for food, more precious of the same gold or warpietra extracted in mines.
Always looking for a new war
The task for Creative Assembly was by no means easy, unlike the Empire, the Dwarves or the Elves, the Skaven are a much more special race that extends the concepts of racing, war and destruction. Skaven’s video play in Total War: Warhammer II however, is perfectly successful and Clan Pestilens and Clan Mors are two of the most interesting factions that have so far appeared in the game, thanks to their unique style of ambush, betrayal and battles in the New World tunnels.
Those who prefer to use the High Elves, the Lizard Men or the Dark Elves, will in all likelihood hate the Skaven and their settlements disguised as ruins: in the eyes of other factions, the cities occupied by the hordes of rats appear in fact as rubble heaps from occupy, behind which the Skaven ambushes are often and (badly) concealed. The reversal of the medal is a significant advantage for those who face the campaign at Skrolk or Queek, the two legendary lords of the race: thanks to this camouflage, the player can afford to leave his settlements unattended, which are not necessarily seen as territories to be attacked in the eyes of other powers.
The Skaven prefer darkness to strong sunlight stretching across the lands of Lustria or the Southland – their main starting points – and to simulate their inclination to emerge out of nowhere to attempt unexpected assaults, Creative Assembly added for the It is a special attitude, called hunting: apparently this is a common move, but thanks to this skill, the Skaven can strive to be ambushed with a greater percentage, even against armies that are not in marching mode.
Given the weakness of the simple units Skaven, this stance is very valuable and guarantees an initial advantage often necessary to have the best, to be enhanced by other ad hoc mechanics of the faction, as the evocation of numerous clan platoon platoons. The enlistment of these additional units is double-stranded with two other mechanics specially created for race: food and corruption.