Top 5 cyber shooter

Shooters honored to become a recognized kiberdistsiplinoy, actually not so much. And if we exclude from this category of hero-shooter, which clearly felt the impact of MOBA (Ulta, skill is more important than the characters of fire, etc.), it turns out even less. Distribute the biggest games in different places is incredibly difficult: each has a whole army of fans, who surely wants to see your heartthrob certainly on the 1st place. But we still venture to.

5. Halo

A few years ago Halo was much more popular than it is now. Bungie, as it is known, was switched to Destiny, Microsoft has given the Halo franchise in the hands of 343 Studios, but the out-of-her pen Halo 5: Guardians critics interpreted very cool. Some even say that it is a failure.

But under the patronage of Bungie, Halo was recognized hit: no one would have thought to recognize the previous games in the series not to mention the failure, but even middle.

In Halo there were many achievements: it is in these games is an easy technique popularized more before Battlefield has become mainstream. Last championship Halo has been linked to the scandal: the organizers too have rented a cheap room, and it did not hide from the attention of irate fans. Nevertheless, Halo still retains the status of e-sports.

4. Call of Duty

CoD – a very strange shooter, with from the point of view of competition. Excessively small cards and a small number of soldiers playing with the Call of Duty strange joke. Winning team just moves around the perimeter of “arena”, and shoots all the resurgent rivals in the back.

There was a certain hope for CoD: World War II, especially in view of all the epic trailer, but in practice it has turned out again all the same. However, Call of Duty – the best-selling console franchise in the history of mankind, and is clearly the most popular shooter in the United States. According CoD regular tournaments with prize pools of approximately $ 1 million, so that in terms of e-sports is one of the key disciplines.

3. Warface

Of course, the impressive dynamics of somewhere far away in the west – it’s all well and good. However, we would like to look at something a little more intimate and relevant for ourselves, for Russia.

For example, in Warface – the most popular Russian shooter. 40 million active accounts, contracts and joint actions with major consumer brands – this is not a joke.

By the way, we are now in conjunction with T24 kiberkommentatorov going to hold a competition, and Warface – one of the participating disciplines. The main prize – a career in the T24 channel and a trip to Los Angeles at E3 2018 .

In this case, the game itself is very high quality: Warface good reason for so many years does not get lost among the other free to play shooter, life cycle which is usually no more than 12 months. Not only that – is growing in popularity only Warface.

It should be noted that Russia is the discipline with the most accessible entrance threshold. Provided a decent and growing skill implies hands, even the amateur team (without any big-name sponsors and the support of official organizations) can begin to compete in tournaments with a prize fund of several million rubles.

2. CS: GO

The most famous team in the world tactical shooter, the CS 1.6 and heir, does not need any whatsoever representation. Commercial Machine Valve constantly maintains an interest in CS: GO – no other shooter is not able to boast of an equally large scale tournaments, for example, a sports arena in the German Cologne this year instead of as many as 15 thousand people.

However, CS: GO has two significant disadvantages that do not allow to put the game in the first place. First, the shadow economy. Turnover gray market weapons skins is about $ 5 billion a year, many are forced to play the sweepstakes minors pour money on school lunches, and then steal credit cards from their parents.

Second, the highly toxic community. It is thanks to CS: GO millions of young Frenchmen, Swiss and Germans who are not familiar with the language of Pushkin and Dostoevsky, perfectly know what Rush B Cyka blyat!

1. Rainbow Six: Siege

What is the secret of success of competitive shooter from Ubisoft? Most likely, that he borrowed the best elements of CS: GO and hero-shooter, without entering into the territory of pure fiction. Matches 5 to 5, defusing bombs and rescuing hostages, no respawns, and the sea of adrenaline – all of this is reminiscent of the shooter from Valve.

However, each operative here have special abilities, with which you can change the entire course of the match – just like in the Overwatch. Of course, inadequate mechanical suits, jumping in space / time and the red dragon you here nobody will give, but to create a new “door” launcher, ballistic shield or drone with a shock pulse – it please.

In addition, the high degree of degradability makes some matches where more spectacular than in CS: GO. Defending barricade all doors and windows feverishly zatselivayut, well, storming penetrate the ceiling – in this opus by Valve, you just do not see.