TOP 10 – The most beautiful ingame places in JRPGs

What is better than holidays? Usually holiday is characterized by fascinating landscapes. Places where we can let the soul dangle. But just traveling like this is usually quite expensive, especially if the destination is not just around the corner. We are all looking for places where we can escape everyday life and discover something completely new. It does not matter whether it is the flower sea of ​​a meadow, the wide horizon of the blue ocean, a gigantic mountain landscape or forests. As a gamer you can travel around countless, wonderful places and from the comfort of your own home. Therefore we show you the most beautiful and breathtaking in-game JRPGs, which impress with their aesthetics and trigger a wow effect. These places you must have seen.


White Knight Chronicles 2

Game: White Knight Chronicles 2 | Platforms: PS3 

The Forgotten Forest from White Knight Chronicles 2 is the most beautiful and interesting place in the whole game. Right at the beginning of the game you enter the magical forest for the first time. The great feature here is that the forest shows every season in an unforgettable way and is divided into four corresponding sections. In addition, it is extremely fascinating if you just found yourself in a summery area and a section further suddenly crackles snow under your feet. Due to the constant change of scenery and the distinctive flora and fauna, it is easy to wander through the forest. A section of the forest is more interspersed with browns and leaves lie on the ground to represent the autumn. A few steps away, a lot of grass and green trees fill the surroundings, while a summer breeze accompanies you. In the next section, pink leaves meet the tree tops for spring and in the last section the snow and ice crystals glitter white and blue. Of course, you must also live with the many monsters that you encounter here, but these also vary from section to section. A place where time is really forgotten and we can lose ourselves as a player for a few moments, far, far away from reality and all the stress.

If you still have a PS3 at home and do not shy away from catching up with one or the other older pearl, White Knight Chronicles is my secret tip for you. Of course you should start with the first part, since the two parts are connected, so you should not start directly with White Knight Chronicles 2. But even outside of the forest the game still has interesting places to offer.


Final Fantasy XII 12 The Zodiac Age

Game: Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age | Platforms: PS4 

The world of Ivalice from Final Fantasy 12 has some beautiful places to offer, from coasts to vast steppes to forests or even mines, the variety is here no limits. The most beautiful and magical place, however, is the Salika Forest. And last but not least, because here is a really incredible soundtrack, which took me into its spell at the time and I still remembered to this day. In the Salika Forest, you do not simply walk across the forest floor, but you walk through the dense forest through wooden walkways that stretch through the entire area. Here and there the path leads you over some of the Hängebrücke, while on the right and left gigantic tree trunks are as moss-grown as the bridges themselves. In addition, the gentle shimmer of sunlight, which is difficult to penetrate through the dense tree tops, deep Into the forest and thus a steady gentle grünschleier pulls with it and creates an incredible atmosphere.

In addition, the Salika Forest connects quite a lot of places in Ivalice, as the Phon-coast, the Nabreus-Marshes and the Mosphora-mountains are nearby. So it’s worth a visit, not least because of the recently released remaster version called Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age. In the HD version, the Salika Forest and the characters are not only shining in new splendor, but also completely new features like the Zodiac-Job-System await you. If you missed the JRPG on PS2 or love it just like me, then you can catch up with the title and go back to Ivalice.


Eternal Sonata

Game: Eternal Sonata Platforms: PS3 

Apart from the really beautiful story and the great characters in Eternal Sonata, the JRPG offers some wonderful places. The place is the sky mirror forest, in this you get very early in the game.The forest takes its name from a flower that can only be found there. Only at night do their buds open and begin to shine, as if the flowers were to be measured with the stars. The charming anime look benefits the atmosphere and adds to its charm. You should not miss this wandering through the forest. The developers have done a great job, the colors are discreet, the small, luminous particles set distinctive accents. The forest in the really very charming anime look is definitely a visual feast.

So if you do not know Eternal Sonata, do not mind an anime-like look (also known as Cel-Shading) and you love JRPGs, then you definitely missed a brilliant game here. So if you have a PS3 at home, this is another secret tip. Due to the chic anime look, the graphics are still not very much outdated and in the emotional story and the really fun fighting system it is definitely worth the next-Gen consoles to push aside and the good, old PS3 from the Shelf to crumple.


Game: Xenoblade Chronicles | Platforms: Wii, New 3DS 

In the Eryth Sea in Xenoblade Chronicles, you can experience an island hopping of the other kind.Here you do not go by boat from island to island or swim, because the islands float in the air above the glittering blue of the sea. So you have a gigantic view from up here. Especially on the first visit to the eryth sea you can admire the beauty of this place. The very dynamic camera drive and introductory cutscene in this area contributes to this. With glowing shimmering shades of blue, it was not easy to get a glimpse of the sky, and a glorious starry sky flooded with purple polar lights.

In general Xenoblade Chronicles has really very nice and varied places to offer and that even for Wii conditions. Perhaps that is why the places and especially the Eryth Sea from Xenoblade Chronicles are so fascinating, because this game has shown that even with the performance of a Wii create breathtaking landscapes. But do not worry, there’s even a remake for the New 3DS, a chance for you to catch up with the title, because here is not only the landscapes but also the emotional story, which is much more successful here than the successor Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Paper Mario Color Splash

Game: Paper Mario Color Splash Platforms: Wii U 

For a holiday trip, of course, sandy beach, palm trees, which are in the wind, and crystal clear sea are not missing. So off to the Azokucht. Powerful colors captivate the eye and show that even in a paper look, a great place can be created where we simply want to jump through the TV to get ourselves to this place. In addition, the Azrocco is very impressive, because colorful shells or starfish, as well as smaller grass patches or pebbles, always come out of the sand in bright colors.In addition, the place not only scores with the look, but also offers some experiences: next to the spectacular ocean festival there is for example also a secret treasure in a cave to discover. And if you do not feel like festivities, you can simply relax at the exclusive Relaxing Beach, just like our favorite plumber Mario.

One has to leave Paper Mario ColorSplash in any case: the paper look never looked better. Since we as a player even get almost like to tinker ourselves such a beach as a diorama together.Furthermore, the greatest strengths are the really wonderfully designed levels. Here you will definitely find a lot of other, wonderful Ingame places, all of which have their unique charm and were created with great attention to detail. So if you do not have just a paper allergy, it’s definitely worth visiting all the great places the game has to offer.