Top 10 best anime for fans of “Blade that cleaves demons”. Fullmetal Alchemist, Blue Exorcist, Tokyo Ghoul

Anime Kimetsu no yaiba, also known as “Demon Cuts Blade“might be one of the biggest hits of 2019. A quick glance might mistake him for a banal shonen, but the dark atmosphere and charismatic villains will probably easily convince you otherwise. And the studio was in charge of the show. Ufotable, thanks to which a real visual feast is going on on the screen.

The original manga has recently come to an end, feature film premiere “Endless train“has already died down, and the second season”Blade“still does not have an exact release date. Therefore, if you are looking for shows that will help you brighten up the anticipation of a sequel, then the resource is especially for you. ReelRundown has compiled a list of ten animes similar to Demon Slayer Blade.

10 – Blue Exorcist

A story about two brothers with an unusual family. Their mother is quite an ordinary woman, but the father is the Devil himself. Literally. The opening promises darkness and horror, but the show is also full of bright and kind moments. The emphasis in the plot is usually shifted from the characters to the events surrounding them, but at the same time the heroes still sink into the soul.

9 – Tokyo Ghoul

As in the case of “The Blade”, the plot of “Tokyo Ghoul” asks questions about the true nature of humans, as well as about where the border between man and monster lies. Among the characters, you may like not only the protagonist Ken Kaneki, but also the central character – Touka Kirishima. Even the antagonists on this show are sympathetic. Some fans do not speak too flatteringly about the anime adaptation, preferring the original manga, but the series definitely deserves attention.

8 – Fullmetal Alchemist

The two brothers travel the world, faced with difficult moral dilemmas and even more difficult opponents. The parallels with the “Blade” suggest themselves here. Both film adaptations of “The Alchemist” tell an interesting story with expressive imagery and touching narration. The second adaptation, subtitled “Brotherhood”, often makes the list of the most highly regarded anime.

7 – Fate / Stay Night

The Fate franchise is famous for its beautifully written setting, but in addition to an interesting world, many memorable characters have also found their home here. Each new episode of this series and its many offshoots offer memorable drama, intrigue and stories about the Holy Grail War.

6 – Blood + / Blood +

An adult and exciting title, literally tied to an excess of blood. Saya, the central heroine, does not stray too far from the minor characters in terms of her elaboration, which is why the narrative is charged with the necessary dynamics and tone. Even in its darkest scenes, Blood does not lose its plot focus, telling a coherent and moving story. Plus there is also a place for dynamic action and adventure.

5 – Hunter x Hunter / Hunter x Hunter

Behind the cute character designs of Hunter x Hunter, it’s not easy to see the complex and layered images of the central characters, so just trust the cult status of this title and let it get to know you on the terms set by the authors. And let the gigantic number of episodes not scare you off – the story almost does not slip into self-repetition.

4 – Ghost Eaters: Zero / Ga-Rei: Zero

The anime has only 12 episodes, so it’s easy to get to know it in just one weekend. The characters are not given too much attention, and the story is more likely to help with sword fights and the presence of demonic powers. Nevertheless, if you liked the series, then you can familiarize yourself with the manga of the same name – this is a direct sequel.

3 – Claymore

A series that shares with “The Blade” a number of common plot themes and a tone of narration. In the center of the story is the demon girl Claire, traveling with the young man Cancer. Together, the characters go through a lot of difficulties, overcoming obstacles and themselves. Unfortunately, anime only covers a small part of the manga, so after watching it, it is recommended that you turn your attention to it.

2 – Rurouni Kenshin

The classic tale of a lonely wandering warrior, although not new, still deserves attention. The story of Kenshin’s life is presented with proper attention, accents and mood without losing relevance. And even after watching anime adaptations, it is still worth reading the original manga, which is a modern classic.

1 – Peace Maker Kurogane

An underrated gem of the samurai genre. The plot tells the story of two brothers who joined the Shinsengumi police forces during the late Tokugawa shogunate. The younger one does not understand anything at all about battles, but remains obsessed with the idea of ​​revenge on the people who took the life of his parents. Gradually, the fate of the heroes throws them more and more tests, forcing them to change and grow above themselves. The narrative is not very fast, but it forms a very coherent and entertaining picture.

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