Too many men on PC: British officials banned ads for “gender stereotypes”

British officials have banned commercial network ads that allegedly exploited “harmful gender stereotypes.” This is a UK-based retailer PC Specialist, which sells components for personal computers.

As transmits Eurogamer, an ad was released for the network. The video shows three men who use PC Specialist products for programming, writing music and games. In addition, the man is also the narrator.

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has received eight complaints stating that the video allegedly imposes harmful gender stereotypes that only men are interested in technology and computers. Representatives of PC Specialist in response indicated that 87.5% of their customers are men aged 15-35, and the ad was aimed specifically at the main audience.

“They believe that there was no comparison between men and women in the advertisement, this did not mean that women were not interested in computers. They said that the advertisement did not contrast men using computers and women who did not use computers, and the advertisement didn’t it is indicated that women do not use a computer, or that the service is unsuitable for them, “officials said.

However, the Advertising Standards Authority ignored the defendant’s arguments and satisfied the complaints by banning the video from showing.

Note that in the past few years, the United Kingdom has turned to the side of political correctness, which resulted in a number of absurd initiatives, and also created real problems for society.

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