Tom Holland may appear in Venom 2 – review

As reported right away some editions, Tom Holland, possibly, will act in future action movie “Venom 2“. So far, this is just a cameo, but if the actor appears in the image of Peter Parker, this can have significant consequences: in this way Sony and Marvel confirm the connection of universes.

Initially, Sony was going to show Spider-Man in the first part of “Venoma“. According to some assumptions, Marvel insisted on abandoning this venture. Rumor has it that Kevin Feigi wants to bring the hero of Holland out of the Marvel movie universe, and this will happen with the help of the third solo album “Spider man“.

As for the continuation of the adventures of a friendly neighbor, there are rumors about them no less crazy. Those who survived the scene after the credits know that Peter Parker is in great trouble. And a strong lawyer can save him from them. Such as Matt Murdoch, aka Daredevil.
In addition, some sources claim that in the third part of Spider-Man the hero of Tom Holland will meet with several villains at once. And among them are called not only Craven the hunter and Scorpio, but also Kingpin and the Marked – the latter are well acquainted with Daredevil.

How much all these rumors are true, we will find out soon. The return of Spider-Man is scheduled for July 16, 2023, and Venom 2 will be released early in October 2023. However, they will probably want to keep the future cameo secret. If Holland himself does not spill out of habit.