42 hours, 1415 and 17644 enemies shots later, I still finished Ghost Recon campaign: Wildlands and reached the pumping limit. And I blew a few helicopters, which led to the death of my teammates on IGN. Or it may not lead. That’s classified.

Except for the MMO, then these huge maps of the world as I have not seen in a very long time Wildlands. If you played the beta (and 6.8 million people played it), then there you were limited to only one province. Release version includes 20 provinces, some of which are less certain – more, but in any of them, there is always something to do.

In each zone there is at least one boss cartel Santa Blanca, hid weapons and improvements for him enemies, which can be interrogated, locations for rapid movement, skill points and resources, medals, base on which to attack, and so much more. If you need to spend a lot of time, Wildlands you in this will definitely help.


No matter what part of the map you have not explored in the South American version of Ubisoft Bolivia always looks great. Immediately after the opening scene, you can go in any direction and explore the local jungle, mountains, deserts, lakes, marshes, quarries and caves.

And the environment affects the gameplay. For example, in areas with dense vegetation is good guerrilla tactics: attacked and then fled into the bush.

In the desert, there is no place to hide, so it is desirable to shoot from afar and keep on hand the vehicle, which will be able to quickly escape. In the mountains you can often get above and attack the enemy from above.

Wildlands Choice of tactics leave you, so the presence of a large number of transport and points quickly move the world make it a burden, as a land of opportunity.

Speaking of transport. The rumor does not lie: cars and helicopters are often managed very badly. Even on a perfect dirt road, some cars go as if beneath the ice. However, more than 15 hours of practice taught me how to properly manage a local transport.

Especially a lot of workouts need helicopters, because for a flight to the desired height and the desired speed will have to be like to tinker with a gamepad.

And since the card is very high, without transport there can not do nothing. In addition, important goals can easily jump to, say, in the car and try to escape, so you’ll have to catch up, otherwise the mission will be failed. Frankly, such a situation is particularly annoying just because of the fact that the drive here is not particularly pleasant.

But the main problem Wildlands – small variety of missions. The first five provinces all seem fascinating. The next 15? Well … not really. Until I switched to the co-op, the game is more immersed in the depths of the monotony.

The cycle begins in the hunt for a boss. In each province there is a boss, and to find out who he is and get him / her / them to the light of day, you need to perform 4 to 6 missions.

Not very difficult task, but the mission is usually as follows: to blow up an object (eg, a cache of drug), to find and interrogate the important staff (assistant or family member), steal or take a picture of something (machine documentation) or just kill someone. But a variety of opponents play too, does not shine.

There are the usual enemies, heavily armed and snipers. All. Even the usual video game opponents like Man-with-a flamethrower, Man-to-Man, and grenade-with-big-shield in the Wildlands absent. Sometimes there are some obstacles like an enemy helicopter or jammers, which will not run reconnaissance drone.

They are in some ways add variety, but you quickly get used to them.