Todorenko from Eagle and Tails flaunted herself without clothes and enraged fans

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Well-known presenter and singer Regina Todorenko from the show “Eagle and Tails” flaunted herself without any clothes in the pictures on social networks. Many Todorenko fans were extremely disappointed with what the celebrity looks like.

According to, Regina Todorenko posted new frames in her Instagram account, and her pictures quickly gained hundreds of different comments. In the new frame, the star appeared almost without anything, leaving a hat on her head and covering only the most important. Todorenko again sarcastically signed her own photo, drawing subscribers’ attention to the very tight cowards that “could be pulled to the ears”. However, celebrity fans drew attention to other nuances in the appearance of Regina Todorenko, who infuriated them, and hastened to notify her in the comments.

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Posted by regina todorenko (@reginatodorenko) on 13 Feb 2020 at 7:32 PST

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Posted by regina todorenko (@reginatodorenko) Dec 17, 2019 at 6:11 am PST

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Publication by regina todorenko (@reginatodorenko) Nov 17, 2019 at 12:52 pm PST

Many viewers did not like the new picture with a leading celebrity, which they wrote directly to her about. Fans noted that the tan on Todorenko looks ugly, because “he is very uneven.” Others also laughed at Regina’s underpants, considering her sarcasm not too appropriate, in addition noting that “Regina doesn’t look like that at all”, and advised the presenter to urgently get rid of what she’s wearing. Some simply wrote that the new photo “looks awful in all respects,” and that Todorenko “lost her reputation in a second by deciding to post such an ugly picture.” Users even wrote that they were very angry with how the new photo from Todorenko turned out.

Many users were surprised at how much negativity Regina Todorenko received for her publication, and advised people to be less envious, reports. The audience noted that Todorenko didn’t care about the opinion of the subscribers, and therefore the haters could only keep quiet, and not try to spoil everyone’s mood.

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