But better with, because connecting the glasses and entering this world of psychedelia and landscapes as incredibly suggestive and strange as those offered along its levels, is pure magic. It also improves your reflexes. In Thumper everything is based on th


rhythm and on adjusting exactly the elements that are arriving to perform the actions just when they reach this species of metallic beetle that is our protagonist. And in virtual reality, it is easier to understand the precise moment, while in a normal monitor, although it can be mastered, the learning period is somewhat longer.


And although usually the tenebrous electronic soundtrack that shows usually provides accurate information, the pace is not always the best. We have noticed that sometimes the music does not end up marrying the points of interaction, making


us a mess and causing the failure. We do not know if it’s something that is done with the intention of getting you out of your comfort zone, so that you do not trust the beats of the music and more in your reflections, but it definitely does not help when it comes to feeling that the error has been completely of yours.



The rhythm of virtual reality

To this is added that the circuit that we run generates in some moments some curves so closed and with little visibility that it is impossible to know what comes next, turning the punishment into a kind of trial and error with which the first tim

e you will crash. And these are the two biggest failures we’ve found in a title that on the other hand is capable of teleporting in the same way that Rez has been doing for 15 years and has now done again in VR with Infinite.


Thumper PC

Thumper analysis

What you see is what it is. Now add a few vertigo speeds and a dark and psychedelic soundtrack as your surroundings.

We do not think it’s chance that two of the best games that have come out for virtual reality have to do with rhythm, with such surreal and psychedelic scenarios. They adjust as a mold to the resolution of the glasses and are reinforced by our presence in them, making our reflections more precise when performing the actions.


Actions that go from the simplicity of pressing the A or X button when a bright box arrives, until making combos of tightening, sustaining and accompanying the pulsation with the movement of the stick at dizzying speeds. Each level teaches you


the basics of a new mechanics that is added and puts you to the test, accompanying everything with a few bosses that beat based on overcoming the course and hit the time to “shoot”. It fails twice without getting back to regenerating your helmet and you are dead, but the restart is so fast that you practically will not rest until you have completed all the phases of each level.


Each level teaches you the basics of a new mechanics that is added and puts you to the test

There is little more in terms of options beyond its main mode, but this alone is enough and enough to be completely satisfied with the game and experience, which is very replayable and which we will definitely return from time to time to improve scores and get all the S ratings in each phase. And by the way, there is never another rhythmic title in our collection, for the glory of this genre we love so much, even if it is based on “brute force” as its description says, rather than on its beats.