Thousands of PlayStation 5 units fell into the hands of British dealers

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a lack of Playstation 5 in UK retail has been driven in part by reseller groups. Edition Business Insider reports that one such group, with thousands of paying members, has acquired almost 3.5 thousand PS5 units on the territory of the country using specially written software for automating purchases.

The software uses bots to notify retail stores when the PlayStation 5 arrives, then bypass queues and complete the checkout process, giving users a huge advantage over regular customers.

At the same time, such tools are no longer new: they were previously used by resellers of sneakers and tickets, however, due to the sharp rise in the popularity of video games during the pandemic of bots, they began to be used to buy consoles.

In a comment to Business Insider, UK resellers’ group CrepChiefNotify reported that their customers have collectively purchased around 2,472 PS5 units in recent weeks, plus just under 1,000 more when pre-orders just opened in September

CrepChiefNotify consists of 12 employees who organized a kind of subscription service, charging users a fee in the amount of 29.99 before 399.99 lbs for access to their services designed to help them purchase fast-moving goods… In most cases, this is used by resellers who resell for a profit.

As demand for PS5 now exceeds supply, resellers are taking advantage of this by selling consoles on marketplaces at inflated prices. At the same time, the shortage of consoles is observed not only in the UK, but throughout the world. Recently it became known that the appearance of the PlayStation 5 in the free sale in Russia is not expected in the near future.

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