Those who do not see Murray

In the update you will be able to cross the other players in the form of floating balls. Developers call it “joint exploration”, joint exploration. Mass seems like a puddle, but the hope is that this draft of multiplayer mechanics will be deepened sooner or later. At the moment the level of interaction is dialogue through VOIP. It would just be a bit extra, even without a rendered model of the other player’s avatar.

Other thirty hours of campaigning and new missions will also be introduced. The game begins to take shape, though perhaps it is still far from what Murray and Sony had promised to the whole world.This is precisely the point, indeed, this is always the point: the promises. In the last year we have been playing video games in our teeth, I think that all of us have made the hard rag to force them to face it. 

The story of No Man’s Skyit was probably the most important awareness of the recent video game history. Sony at the time needed a game to sell the dream of PlayStation 4, well before the exclusive turn of the year that came out in the past few months. That was the biggest mistake of both parties involved, Hello Games and the Japanese publisher, not having been counting on what they were doing and how.


Advertise an Indie title as a triple A that can revolutionize a genre, that of space adventures, with features at the limit of the future. However it is undeniable as Hello Games, after an initial silence due to a likely sense of disorientation, has worked hard on the game and is supporting it, in spite of everything. And this is an important thing to remember.

Those who do not see Murray

Out of the Choir
It is important to be “silenced”, that No Man’s Sky still exists and has not been nuclearized by the market, very important. First of all, it reminds us that video games also exist more than 24 hours after the release. The absence of the myriad of pre-launch news does not mean that a certain title disappears from day one, although everything may make us believe the opposite. At a time like the one we live in, it’s important to see that Overwatch is not just one year from the launch in the world.

The second, perhaps the most important thing, is that polarizing experiences are those that make a medium grow. A game that everyone has been fond of since the first trailers, when the outbreak of the inevitable high-speed sequence comes out, gives nothing to the industry, if not an economic boost in terms of sales. Real growth, however, is what makes the sector evolve in terms of conscience, given by “extreme” experiences. No Man’s Sky , I said, taught us a lot of things.

The violence of the hype, the promises of publishers and developers, the un-mentioned (exclusive PS4, but it also comes out on PCs and we say it’s half-mouth subwoofer), and all the things that gamers are struggling to understand.Even in more practical terms, Hello Games’s work has put in question many, with a different title than usual, which can raise more than one question. I like it? Should I please? Because? 

It’s not with The Witcher 3 or Horizon that the industry evolves. With such titles growing, it becomes more rich and healthy, and it is equally important because a healthy sector offers many more possibilities at various levels. The video game goes on with titles like No Man’s Sky , but also Hellblade. Another polarizing experience that has challenged players and critics, questioning the eternal gameplay / story diatribe, in a title that at some moments touches the walking simulator, then tries to do the action and on other occasions still offers interesting glimpses and a the inescapable representation of human madness.