This War of Mine

War of Mine the this – a game about the war, which would be worth to take place within the framework of extra-curricular activities on the history of high school students.

There is an abandoned apartment building, which originally lived three heroes. Each character has one strong point.

One good cook and saves resources, the other has proven itself in battle, and the third can carry on the backs of a lot of supplies – certainly the most useful member of the team.

Heroes are selected randomly, so far from the first time you are out on a “dream team.”

The game is divided into two phases: the day and night. By day you sit at home – the streets are controlled by snipers, so you can only go in an emergency.

For example, when you come to one of the neighbors and asks for help to protect his home from looters. Here you will find the first serious choice: to respond to the request or ignore it. The first option – a risky, it can leave you without one important member of the team.

Second – reasonable. However, then you have to live with the fact that some bastards still broke into the house next door and cut the whole family. Or, at least, these pictures drew my imagination.

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Also during the day the team involved in the modernization of the home. You can make the bed – they have at least some chance to fully sleep. Stove allow to cook a hot meal, which is much better fed than regular canned overdue. Moonshine – it is not only possible to obtain alcohol (local currency), but if something happens quickly “treat” melancholy. If one of the characters falls into a depression, just gave him a drink – in This War of Mine alcohol cures.

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But in order to create all this, you have to constantly look for the right resources. This can be done at night. One of the characters, preferably at least armed with a knife, but better – a gun, goes to raid a nearby abandoned house, a church, a store or somewhere else. I well remember the first sortie into the church. I met a sad priest who warned the move: “There’s nothing here.” I do not believe it and went down to the cellar. There I was waiting for another man, who asked to “go to hell.” I obeyed, but then he got hit in the back. Imagine my surprise when connected to a fight even the priest. So the first time I lost one of their team members. The next night I went back to church with an ax and killed both bastards. Take here really was nothing.

This experience taught me the main thing: the war depicted in This War of Mine, each fights for himself. And I believed it until I met a married couple. I have run out of resources, just about able to descend hunger. During the next outing I was faced with this pair guarding the fridge with two canned food banks. The man resisted, did not want to give supplies – and I killed him. I was prepared for the fact that his wife looked at me – and pointed a gun at her. But she just sat down and cried, cradling her dead husband. At this point, the first time I deleted the game.

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But not because the picture painted by the authors of This War of Mine, seemed too cruel or unjust – unjust war general thing. I just realized that I do not want to continue living in this story. I do not want it to get from the game, I did not buy them for that. It is important to understand that

This War of Mine – this is certainly not a perfect game, but, like any true work of art, some roughness forgiven her automatically. And I can not put this game some other assessment, except nine, because she deserves it.

But to play it, I do not want to. It was amazing, but the ugly adventure that I just try to forget and to which I shall not return, even mentally. Never.