This War of Mine

11 bit Studios is an independent company based in Warsaw, which many will know about the titles of the Anomaly series. On this occasion, the Polish team presents us with a unique title of its kind. And, very rarely have we had the opportunity to visualize the


horrors of war through the eyes of those who suffer most from its consequences. So, instead of living the experience in the skin of another soldier,


This War of Mine proposes that we control the actions of a group of civilians, captives in their own home as a result of a conflict for which they are not responsible. For us, a fiction about survival. For tens of thousands, the reality with which they coexist in this very moment.

The title starts without too many frills – despite the spectacular trailer that we saw weeks ago, and with which we have begun this text – and moves us


directly into action. At our command, three protagonists – variables in each game, although selected from a small cast of four characters – whose only


goal is to stay alive. Each of them has some kind of ability, highlighting that said civilian is a good broker, looter, cook or negotiator. Sometimes, some of them will be injured and / or sick … Problems that we will have to deal with commonly. The question is … How to survive?

This War of Mine (PC) screenshot

Pogoren-Fictitious place, but with a certain air of Eastern Europe- is involved in a war, and we are besieged in the city. The action takes place day by day, separating each period in two different moments: day and night. We will spend the hours of light in our shelter –


a deserted house, haggard by attacks and bombings, but that can still shelter us from the inclemency of the weather. The night hours, we will venture beyond our makeshift home, looking for supplies in other parts of the city. Our three survivors –


more those who can join us later – will have to divide up the different tasks to be carried out, taking into account their own abilities and needs. We will not be alone: ​​More people, in our same situation or even in worse conditions, try to survive …

Our shelter will start with a few supplies, which we will quickly deplete. We have the possibility of using a workbench to create new useful objects, such as furniture or new workshops in which to make different types of items.


Thus, we will be able to have a kitchen, beds, chairs, radios, … But all these elements will need resources, which we must obtain previously.


This War of Mine plays, at all times, with our ability to evaluate what we consider a priority. Will we first make a knife to defend ourselves, or a bed so we do not have to sleep on the floor? Is it more important to have a radio to listen to the news, or a chair to rest on?

This War of Mine (PC) screenshot

This War of Mine (PC) screenshot This War of Mine (PC) screenshot

This is because each element is quite useful. It is true that it is not necessary to have everything and in large quantity – we can take turns to occupy the beds, or have a single shovel to be carried by whoever will need it – but sooner or later, something


will be needed and we will not have the capacity to build it. The kitchen, for example, allows us to treat the provisions taking more advantage of them. The radio allows you to listen to the news, music and even the weather … useful information to advance movements. A water collection system will be able to store rain, …

Many of the elements can be improved, especially those that allow us to create objects, thereby unlocking access to new possibilities. However, the problem remains the same: We will need resources to manufacture things, and in our home there are no more.


We will only have two possible ways to achieve it: Trading or looting. The first option will be opened on some occasions, either because some anonymous survivor calls our offer wanting to make a deal, or because during our wanderings we find ourselves with some civilian willing to trade. Unfortunately, the value of objects changes a lot in these situations … Especially the most necessary.