“There was no day without queues” – Nintendo’s signature Japanese store barely copes with the influx of visitors

Recently opened Tokyo’s first Japanese company store Nintendo It turned out to be so popular among visitors that it can’t cope with the influx of local and foreign customers. People stand in lines for a long time, according to the publication. Bloomberg with reference to employees of the institution. Sometimes – literally for hours.

The store was opened in November, and according to the staff, there was not a single day without long lines. The audience does not disperse even after numbered entry tickets are handed out to everyone before opening the venue at 10 a.m.

On December 9, Nintendo posted a message on Twitter asking fans going to the store to dress warmly, realizing that they would have to wait some time outside.

Bloomberg notes that this hype once again demonstrates the attractiveness and value of the Nintendo brand, but at the same time contrasts with the conservatism of the company – the size of the retail space is 300 square meters, which is clearly not enough for quick and convenient service for residents and guests of the Japanese capital. According to one of the tourists, he had to wait his turn at the box office for more than 30 minutes.

The store sells exclusive merchandise in a variety of directions – from figures and clothes to stationery and utensils.

Analysts believe that Nintendo should more actively expand its presence in retail and open new outlets against the backdrop of the desire to take its franchises beyond the limits of the gaming medium. For example, a full-length film about Mario and the amusement park is being created.

Prior to that, Nintendo had for many years only one brand store in New York. At the same time, users note that not all products from the recently opened Japanese store are available today in the American.

Next year, Japan will host the 2023 Olympics, on which Mario is likely to become one of the mascots. By a momentous date, Nintendo and its Universal partners are eager to open the first Japanese Super Nintendo World.

Tourists will overrun the country, which will further complicate the work of the Nintendo brand store in its current form, journalists say.

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