There was information about the timing of the release of the series “Continental” in the universe of “John Wick”

TV series “Continental“In the” John Wick “universe from Starz American cable channel is still preparing for the premiere. It should take place some time after the release of the fourth film of the popular franchise about the hit man, performed by Keanu Reeves, who will look at the big screens on May 21, 2023.

“I was at an event in which the presentation of the ideas of the first season took place. We like a group of scriptwriters, and we are trying to direct it in the right direction so that the series does not affect the film. The debut season will premiere some time after the fourth film,” said TCZ President and Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch for TCA.

Last summer, Hirsch confirmed that the series will tell the story of the origin of the hotel, which in films serves as a cover for hired killers. Nothing is known about the participation in the show of Keanu Reeves or other main characters of the movie franchise.

Work on the project has been going on since 2018, and Starz TV bought the rights to the show and Lionsgate TV. The scriptwriter and showrunner became Chris Collins. Other members of the team working on film franchises also take part in the creation of the series. Among them: Basil Ivanik from Thunder Road Pictures, director Chad Stahelskywho will shoot a pilot episode of a television show, Derek Colstad and David Litch.

Released last year “John Wick 3“Played a central role in the success of the Lionsgate film studio. With a budget of $ 55 million in the domestic market, the film managed to raise $ 171 million, and worldwide fees exceeded $ 326 million.

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