there was a major update for Phasmophobia – Igromania

Yesterday’s co-op horror Phasmophobia major update: reworked all equipment, while adding two ghosts from Scandinavian and Asian mythology, as well as new functions. The patch was named Exposition.

The first new ghost was Mayling, a lost child soul who wanders the earth with the goal of getting someone to bury her properly. Usually, children who died at the hands of their own mothers become mylings.

The second was Goryo, a Japanese ghost of a typical aristocrat who was tortured for his beliefs. These entities are known to cause violent storms and earthquakes and destroy crops.

Here is such a creepy couple. Fortunately, now it will be much easier to escape from ghosts – the developers have corrected the character sprint. In addition, a DOTS projector has been added – it will allow you to see the silhouettes of ghosts.

A full description of the update can be found here.

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