“There is little truth” – an insider commented on publications about the new part of Assassin’s Creed

Over the past few days there have been several “sinks” with details about the new part in the series Assassin’s creed. At first it seemed that the leak was like the truth, and so the journalist thought Jason schreier, however, much of what you read about the game in the last couple of days was ultimately refuted.

According to a prominent industrial analyst and insider Daniel Ahmad, all of these recent “leaks” were incorrect, and most of the information contained in it is really just guessesbased on last year’s material Kotaku about Assassin’s Creed: Kingdom. Moreover, even the subtitle RagnarokAhmad notes that this is not true – the name will be different.

“Of course, some of the details, like an improved action movie and all sorts of [очевидных] things are true, but on the whole there is not much accurate information in the leaks. “

Ubisoft is currently working on nine AAA games to be released before the end of fiscal year 2023. Among them, probably, there is a new Assassin’s Creed, but so far the existence of a new part of the series has not been officially confirmed.

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