The Witness

Isle of bad luck

Yes, when you create The Witness Blow inspired it Myst and never hide it. Among the more understandable to modern analogues player – Dear Esther and of The Talos Principle .

It was in the last Croats from Croteam joined this unhurried, devoid of gameplay study terrain, characteristic of Dear Esther and her peers, with a decision quite challenging puzzles in the spirit of Myst .

And at first, if you do not know the underlying reason, the story of creation, do not know what the Braid and who is Dzhonatan Blou , it may seem that The Witness– it’s just not a good follower of The Talos Principle.

No one is broadcasting to you from the first seconds a mysterious voice from above and does not hint, what is the meaning of history, and whether it is at all.

No fun AI, which is allowed to communicate. Puzzles seem monotonous variations on the theme of “snake” and walk on the island and the surrounding beauty of contemplation – a simulator of a sudden dizziness. Too rich palette makes me think that we were in a dream addict.

Riddles snake

Those with a riot of colors unnatural causes discomfort, and the truth will hardly be able to appreciate the new creation of Jonathan Blow. And this is a controversial visual solution – perhaps the only claim that, with certain reservations can be presented to the authors.

The rest of The Witness quickly proves – this is a game where the first impression is deceptive. Yes, she is impressed and does not seek to produce.

It should go a little bit further opening of puzzles, and the phrase “monotonous puzzle” will seem the greatest stupidity, you have spoken in my life. Yes, the basic structure (as, indeed, and of The Talos Principle ) one: throughout the island are scattered panel to which you want, let’s say, to hold the snake from point A to point B, to activate the cable, open the door, lower the lift and so Further. However, variations in weight – more than six hundred puzzles.

Witness Game Review

Despite such excess paint, it looks the island and its attractions is very beautiful.

Somewhere you need to hold a snake through a certain point where, on the contrary, to avoid them. Somewhere you have to separate some of the points of each other, and then – the circle and connect them or to repeat some figures.

Some puzzles involve mathematical thinking, others – spatial, third involved two screens at once, reflecting in the water, and it is assumed that you know – the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection …

In some situations, you do have to “snake” to walk on the platforms or, for example, through a maze of bushes, look for the right path leading to the door, guided by the sound of footsteps or thickets, and then write the correct answer on the screen with a puzzle.

Moreover, there is a puzzle on a play of light and shadow, where you either have the proper angle to look at the screen to see the correct path of the snake, or to move it and change the lighting. Or altogether to focus on how to cast a shadow on the screen adjacent branches of trees (!!!).

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Many puzzles confound even those with math and geometry, everything was always perfect. The situation is complicated by the fact that The Witness basically no one explains how to solve problems were the next group, and no one gives hints.

There are only faint hints that you can find if you carefully look around and explore the island. Similarly, there is no and the usual incentives, which would have rewarded for the successful solution of the puzzle or another for the promotion of the island.