The Witcher showrunner told how they reduced the finale of the first season – review

Caution spoilers!

Those who have already managed to watch the first season The Witcher from Netflix, know that in the finale Geralt first meets Ciri. The witcher tells the princess that “people connected by destiny will always find each other,” and Cyril in response asks him who Yennifer is.

Shortly after the premiere of “The Witcher,” the show’s runner Lauren Hissrich published The last page of the script of the last episode of the first season. From it you can learn that the final dialogue between Geralt and Ciri was longer, but it was reduced at the installation.

Geralt enters the forest. He is met by smoke from the battle, which is getting closer and closer.

He is looking at the trees. No movement. Nothing.

He sighs. Shoulders lower. His instinct was wrong. He begins to turn around when a strip of ashen hair suddenly flies past, and Ciri is already hugging Geralt at the waist.

Tsiri: You’re here. You are actually here.

Geralt looks down at her in shock.

Geralt: Are you alive?

Tsiri: I was looking for you, I was going to Sodden. I didn’t think you would ever find me.

He recalls the words of his mother. This is what he had to find. He repeats her words.

Geralt: People bound by destiny will always find each other.

Ciri steps back, meets the witcher’s gaze.

Tsiri: Was my grandmother right? I … your destination?

And at this moment Geralt understands the only thing: he will never abandon this child.

Geralt: You are something more, Ciri. Much more.

Ciri nods. Then he looks into his eyes and speaks confidently.

Tsiri: Who is Yennifer?

Black screen.

The end of the first season.

According to Hissrich, the authors had to reduce the dialogue to a few phrases, because earlier they had cut out the first meeting of Geralt and Ciri in the Brokilon forest.

The scriptwriters decided not to adapt the stories in chronological order, like the numerous meetings of the witcher and the princess. Otherwise, the audience would see Ciri no earlier than the second season.

If in the first season the audience is only involved in the history of Geralt, then they get acquainted with Yennifer, and after a few seasons with Ciri, then this can be confusing.

Forget the monster hunt. Take what you have been following for the last two to three years and shove it away. Because this little girl you just met is the key to this whole universe. She will be the center of almost the entire plot.

Lauren Hissrich

Hissrich does not deny that due to certain decisions of the authors, The Witcher lost some magical moments, but the showrunner is glad that the series made people familiar with Sapkovsky’s books, where the story is described in full detail.

According to Hissrich, fans may not agree with the decisions of the scriptwriters, which are very complex and not always correct, but the team takes these decisions to prepare the basis for future seasons and to keep the audience.