The Way

What good is time for the video game classics! On the one hand, publishers actively reissued his memorable creations, earning extra money, but it is still giving us the ability to comfortably play your favorite hits of the past. And on the other – indie developers regularly give something similar, with many references and atmosphere of “old school”.

Today we will speak about the manifestation of the second process. Way of The – game in the spirit of the works of Erika Shayi (Eric Chahi) or company Delphine Software .

World for Another , the Flashback , Heart of Darkness’s- wonderful adventure platformers, skillfully combining the puzzles of logic and battle with enemies. All their charm hard to explain a couple of sentences, but now it is not required: about telling of The Way , I, in fact, largely describe the concept of famous models, and avoid comparisons will not work.

With the help of the energy shield not only reflect enemy shots, but also to solve some puzzles.

The first contact

story starts quite suddenly – on a rainy cemetery, where the main character first laments over the tomb of his beloved, and then completely removes her body outside.

The fact that our character, Tom, once consisted of a scientific expedition, who studied in one of the distant planets heritage of ancient civilization, apparently received the sacred knowledge of immortality and eternity.

But later studies have been terminated, and the team of scientists – withdrawn. And here, experiencing the loss of a loved one, Tom chooses to continue the search for truth – immerses the body of his companion in a capsule, he kidnaps corporate spaceship and goes to meet fate.

We can not say that The Wayexciting way disclosed any philosophical themes or that the player destined to watch the dizzying plot twists. Yet history has turned sufficiently complex and rich in detail. At certain moments feel so to speak, emotional depth and emotional message, which tried to convey to the player developers.

In reality, what is happening there is no doubt, even though some dissonance, initially caused by the way the character moves. And it’s not management issues or any other technical troubles.

And indeed it is not a bad thing at all, and not a claim. Just here you will not find the momentum and credibility of the movement, however famous for Another World and the Flashback .

Launching The Way, Implicitly expect full compliance with the predecessors. But, as you well know, rotoscoping – too labor-intensive and irrational pleasure for a small independent studio Puzzling Dream , so in The Way the protagonist moves in the same way as in many other modern “pixel” platformer.

In this case, fortunately, the creators did not stint on the animation as a whole on the thorough elaboration of visual part. This is perhaps one of the best examples of pixel art over the past few years – in a variety of locations, a ton of details, pleasant colors …

Way Game Review

Reinventing the wheel

, but let’s move on to have the most interesting part – the gameplay. Here, the Straits to “oldfagov” wounded heart, we are met by respectful citation of glorious ancestors. First of all, each level of The Way – it is open to the best location, with no signs of compulsive and linear structure.

The player needs to sway in the neighborhood, to understand which switches that affect what the enemies that protect them, and whether it is now necessary to neutralize. By the way, what about enemies: absolutely everything in the game “vanshotit” protagonist.

And the security drones and awkward jump from a height of two human growth, and seemingly not very dangerous and alien flora and fauna (slugs greetings from the first level for Another World ).