The Wall Street Journal: Christopher Nolan no longer wants to work with Warner Bros.

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The likelihood that the director of films “Argument“,”The Dark Knight“and”InterstellarChristopher Nolan will continue to cooperate with the company Warner media in the future, is extremely low. Writes about it The wall street journal

Nolan worked under the wing Warner Bros. since 2001. He has grown into one of the studio’s key assets, having reinvented the superhero genre and has become, in recent years, almost the only director in Hollywood to produce high-budget films that are not reboots, film adaptations or sequels.

However, the stumbling block was the streaming service. HBO Max… Due to the pandemic in 2020, the entire film industry began to fall apart. Nolan wanted to support cinemas with his “Argument”. As a result, the premiere took place, but the collection of the picture turned out to be much lower than analysts’ expectations, although Nolan himself was pleased with them.

And at the end of last year, it was announced that all WarnerMedia projects coming out in 2021 will be distributed according to a hybrid model. The first was the film “Wonder Woman: 1984“.

The scheme is as follows: on the day of the premiere, the tape becomes available for viewing to all HBO Max subscribers, as well as in a number of cinemas. A month after the premiere, the film will be removed from the HBO Max catalog and will only be available in theaters. Then the tape is returned to the library.

As the head of WarnerMedia said Ann Sarnoff, the company believes that cinemas in the United States will operate with restrictions for most of 2021. Therefore, a hybrid model was involved. But the maneuver with hostility was taken by the Hollywood elite, for whom the announcement came as a complete surprise.

The Directors Guild of America has already threatened to boycott WarnerMedia. For a long time, the studio has been viewed by filmmakers as the most comfortable place to work, where they can create with minimal restrictions.

The decision was criticized by companies collaborating with Warner Bros. directors including Denis Villeneuve, Patty Jenkins, Zach Snyder and himself Christopher Nolan

According to The Wall Street Journal, Nolan calls HBO Max “the worst streaming service” and blames Wanrer Bros. mistreating filmmakers. Moreover, he is ready to completely sever all ties with the studio and go in search of new partners. This will be a serious reputational blow for the entire company, as well as call into question the existing plans for cooperation.

Where the director might go is also a mystery. However, as the chapter told Sony pictures Tony Vinsikerra, now there is a surge of interest in his studio from directors who are interested specifically in theatrical releases.

“The real benefit was the number of calls from talent, creators, actors and directors saying, ‘We want to collaborate because we know that you are a theater distributor and producer,’ said Vinsikerra.

At the end of 2020, Christopher Nolan also admitted that he is ready to take part in the development of a video game. However, the project should be really interesting.

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Hollywood declared war on HBO Max: directors flee WarnerMedia, cinemas ready to sabotage

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