The voice actor of GTA San Andreas is angry at Rockstar and will not return to the role of CJ in GTA VI – review

Rapper Christopher Bellard, known as Young Maylay, published in his Instagram emotional post. In it, he angrily responded about the company Rockstar games and no less angrily assured that he would never contact them again. So CJ, if he returns, will be voiced by another actor.

I want to kill the rumor: I have nothing to do with GTA VI … To the devil Rockstar Games, that’s the point. CJ let voiced by anyone, but not me. And I don’t care what you heard there

Thus, the rapper reacted to the appearance of rumors appearing on the network about the future Grand theft auto vi. According to them, the action of the game will again be transferred to Los Santos, but this time Karl Johnson, known as CJ, the hero, will take an active part in the events. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

A similar performance by the artist looks unexpected. Indeed, until recently, he was almost the only voice actor, pleased with the collaboration with Rockstar Games. With the money received for the role of CJ, Bellard founded his own label Maylaynium muziq.

For his first album San Andreas: The Original Mixtape The rapper used the title theme San Andreas, and inserted replicas of CJ into other tracks. The album was well received, and the artist began to collaborate with other eminent musicians and studios.

Bellard said that he would not mind working on the next game, but so far Carl Johnson remains his only role. In 2016, he admitted that Grand Theft Auto played a significant role in his life.
The game was a very long time ago, but at the same time I can’t get angry that more people know me as CJ than as Maylay. The main thing is that they know me, period.

I do not associate myself with CJ from Grand Theft Auto. But at the same time, I participated in the creation of this game, and there are many people who love it, and thanks to it they have become fans of my music – and before that they did not even listen to rap.

Young maylay

Such a sharp change in the mood of the rapper looks strange. Probably, not so long ago some negotiations really took place between Chris Bellard and the Rockstar company, and their results were not the best.