The Turing Test

Ava Test

Ava Turing wakes up aboard the space station – or rather, it awakens a droid named Tom says that it is necessary to descend to the surface of Europa, Jupiter’s moon, and find out what happened to the research station team. Those seem to have found a potentially dangerous organisms, and then stopped communicating.

Such a tie immediately adjusts to a certain way and promises a fascinating investigation into the scenery of the abandoned station and in an atmosphere of “Alien” films and “Gravity.”

But of The Turing the Test – not horror or even classic quest. The authors of last year’s puzzle Pneuma: Breath of Life again made in the same genre. Before us is a spatial puzzle with a first-person, immediately brings to mind games likePortal , of The Talos Principle and part of The Witness has . But it turned out no less fascinating and atmospheric.

Portal, but not that

quickly turns out that Tom was not a droid, but a full-fledged AI that controls all the systems on the ship, and at the ground station. At last he had made a maze of rooms, compartments and modules. Almost everything in them, including, of course, the doors, working on special power units that can be switched on / off, as well as to pull out of one cell and inserted into another.

If allowed to pull handles the manipulation of the energy carried by a special device. Energy Manipulation Tool – it is such an electronic gun, much resembles a similar gun from Portal. He sucks the energy that a sphere placed in the trunk. Then you are free to defuse it in another power unit.

Turing Test game review

To argue with the computer here is useless.

With this device we will run through the whole game, solving numerous puzzles, trying to get to the next level. In general, the mechanics is simple and virtually unchanged. The essence can be described as: how to open the door, running from the power unit, if the other is for a closed door?

There just has to use a miracle-gun, sucking the energy from one “socket” and inserting it into another. The radius of action from a huge gun, so that it can be used from almost any point-level. Moreover, in some situations, it works even through windows.

blossoming complexity

Of course, more complex puzzles gradually, rooms become more confusing to contain more “sockets”, and even there there are sliding and movable bridges and platforms that need to move themselves. Where something has to manipulate a huge magnet to which “stick” power blocks.

Then another sphere appear in different colors. Initially available only blue, then will be green, red, purple. And you need to properly manipulate alternate colors to solve the problem. For example, at one point blue sphere completely block the door. And if you charge the power pack of green energy, they begin to be opened / closed with a certain periodicity, allowing to slip further.

In general, the game is often not only tests your gray matter, but the reaction. Somewhere you need to pull out the scope and quickly slip on the door until it closed, somewhere the energy is activated / deactivated with a certain delay, so you have to run through a peculiar energy bridge until he is dead. Sometimes even have to play hide and seek with a motion detector.

At later levels, we interact and cooperate with Tom – as the droid get up to push the platform, switch to the camera and special devices to manipulate bridges, elevators and platforms. There is even a turret that shoot rare, but neatly – especially in the final.

Turing Test game review