In 1956, English mathematician Alan Turing published a paper containing his vision of how to distinguish the artificial intelligence of the person. Ideas and achievements of the scientist, his followers and opponents, one way or another, slipping in world culture today. The next global rethinking the question posed by a mathematician, is a game of The Turing Test of Bulkhead Interactive.

Review of The Turing Test

The Turing Test – Quest puzzle about human nature and the difference between humans and machines. You have to try on the role of Ava Turing – Engineer International Space Agency (ISA). It was taken out of hibernation to investigate the events that occurred at a research complex on one of the moons of Jupiter. A job of Ava sent with a single tool – a rifle that can accumulate and transmit energy pulses. He communicates only with the heroine of the AI-operator called T.O.M., accompanying her as a kind of “voice from heaven”. Together with his invisible companion Ava, among other things, to find the rest of the group on the basis of the landing. That’s just her colleagues, apparently, do not really want to be discovered.

Accents in the game are made on two things: solving logic puzzles (with progressive difficulty) and reflection on the distinctive human traits such as curiosity, the desire for progress and freedom, the ability to think creatively and so on. At first glance, developers are perfectly revealed both concepts, trying to harmoniously combine the apparent simplicity with incredible depth, contemplation – with action, idealism – with pragmatism. Alas, the plan almost succeeded, but “almost” does not count. However, first things first.

Review of The Turing Test

If we draw an analogy, that The Turing Test – a kind of The Talos Principle in the futuristic surroundings: about the same simple controls and an equally perplexing puzzles at times.

We must pay tribute to the developers: despite the very minimalistic setting (design locations dominated by white color) and a few overly simple solutions, logic puzzles is not stale, and as you progress through are interesting both essential and from a visual point of view.

At the same time disappointing the very limited nature of the interaction with the game world.

By examining a large enough base of a multi-level, players can only turn the illuminated objects, which is not much, and view reports and records of crew members on some computers. But, in fact, no value for playing all these data and things have not,

Review of The Turing Test

The ideological component of the game has a lot of potential. Despite the fact that the reflections on human nature and our fundamental differences from synthetic sentient beings – the theme is quite worn out, even for a video game, a combination of the setting, the history and the fact unfold as the game progresses the narrative, it is involuntarily forced to wait some interesting points of view on this question, or at least plot turn.

The miracle did not happen: the essence of the incident begins to suspect already in the fortieth minute. In addition, the semantic core of the game lies in the framework of the dialogue and Ava T.O.M.a passages and notes crew members.

Through gameplay, this idea is revealed only one-way: you can solve the puzzles by trying all possible, as it would make the car, or else showing creativity or waiting for inspiration, as a person. Because of this, there is a sense of incoherence.

If the player has to deal with two different quests, which hastily blinded in one, securing a certain plot complication. One gets the impression that the investigation – about human nature and ethics, and puzzles – about “select out of the room.

” Furthermore, it is logical to expect that in a game about a man and what makes his personality, at least one character will be carefully registered as a clear contrast to the cold machine intelligence. However, the kind of character you will not find, and even Ava and T.O.M., despite the fundamental nature of their conversations seem flat and throughout the game are revealed absolutely like you to expect.