The truth about Christina Asmus from “Interns” in the scene without clothes from “Text” was revealed by the director

New information appeared on the network, revealing new details about the scene without clothes, in which the star of “Interns” Christina Asmus and Ivan Yankovsky took part.

The director of the film “Text” Klim Shipenko became the hero of the new issue of “Morozova HZ SHOW”, which goes on YouTube. According to, the host of the show, Yulia Morozova, began a new issue with a discussion of the film “Text”, which caused a lot of controversy on the network due to the fact that Christina Asmus starred in one scene without anything at all. The director Klim Shipenko revealed that initially he was not even going to take the star of “Interns” for the main role, since he did not want to intersect with the play “Text”, in which Asmus also plays. According to the director, he did not like the direction in which Christina went, playing her heroine in a theatrical production. Nevertheless, the star of the Interns insisted on tests, during which Klim Shipenko immediately warned her that the film “Text” would definitely have the scene that caused Asmus to get into trouble in the future.

The film director noted that Christina Asmus agreed to participate in the scene, during which she should not have clothes on. Klim Shipenko also added that he does not know how the actress discussed with her husband Garik Kharlamov that she would have to play in such a scene, and whether they discussed it at all. “I understood from the very beginning, and I immediately discussed this with Kristina,” the director said, answering Yulia Morozova’s question about whether he understood that this scene would cause a scandal. At the same time, Klim Shipenko believes that the presence of this scene is fully justified by the plot, as well as the fact that she raised the hype around the film. “It is very difficult to lure the Russian audience into the cinema, it is very difficult. Moreover, it’s even more difficult to lure him into a Russian movie theater, ”the director of the film“ Text ”noted, hinting that the“ haters ”who were shocked by the scene with Asmus only organized a big hype around the picture.

According to, the presence of a scene in the film “Text”, in which Kristina Asmus and Ivan Yankovsky appeared completely without anything and recorded their actions on the camera, caused heated debate on the network. Many netizens suggested that the actors did not play, but slept for real. However, the creators of the picture, as well as some other stars of Russian cinema, stood up for Asmus and Yankovsky, noting that they were in the frame in special overlays.