The Surge

An exoskeleton for a friend
Everything begins with our arrival in CREO Industries, a research company dedicated to the creation of technologies that can safeguard the Earth and improve man’s life. Waiting for a bad day’s first day, considering that without even having time to get acquainted with colleagues, something goes wrong, and we find ourselves dealing with totally gone crazy cars and “ex-employees”.
Fortunately, during our journey we will also find other npc still healthy minds, who will contribute to narrative interweaving through their dialogues and, no less important, the side quests they will make available to us.
On the narrative front, in fact, the techniques used are many, screens that showcase company video ads, short cutscenes, voice notes, or dialogues where multiple choice will define the order of a conversation without but bring real repercussions on gameplay. 
This is to outline a clear and immediate picture that allows you to not lose focus on events without having to bother too much or engage in speculations between a fight and the other. A story that fits well into the structure of the game, but undoubtedly, by nature, exalts the other video game of The Surge , or gameplay – a tradition that in the genre does not fail to confirm this time too.
The Surge
A well-proven facility
Beyond the decathy membership of the genre of the “Souls-like”, already anticipated at the beginning of the article, it’s just a moment between the corridors of the CREO building to find all the peculiarities that characterize the genre and the first jumping to the ” eye is definitely the design of the maps.
The recurrence of the elements that define a macro area is in fact too punctual, we could almost define it as a school. Safe-zone, main corridor, various shortcuts, some enemies playing hide-and-seek and final bosses always alternate in the same way .
Every now and then we will find areas that can only be reached once enough experience has been gained, as there is a need for a certain level of energy to overload certain circuits and open up new steps, but all this is something that is relegated to the end of our adventure.
For the rest, once the exploration of one of these macro-areas is over, you can go to the next, reachable with the maglev, the only means of transport that can take you from one to the other.
Meanwhile, our character, to progress, will have to evolve the exoskeleton he was given at the beginning of the adventure. For this purpose in the safe zone, we will find the medbay where we can increase the energy availability of the suit, and enrich it with modules that can provide us with passive or consumable bonuses.
Care will in particular be completely dependent on these modules: some will be able to provide immediate recharge, while others have more health but longer time, or others will still be able to transform a part of the energy accumulated during the fight. Always in the safe-zone we will also find the assembly center, where we can build or reinforce the pieces of our exoskeleton.
The Surge
The recipe for happiness
To handle the crafting of these pieces, however, you will need to make a nod on the fight, as these two aspects are very closely related. During the clashes with the enemies, we will be able to select the part of the body from the strike, and especially with the humanoid ones, lashing against a particular limb will mean opening up a blow to the blow of grace, which can break the same. Once this move has been made, there is a good chance that he will leave behind the chart for the manufacture of the limb and then the pieces to build it, always accompanied by technological waste, that is, the currency of the game.
From this you can easily deduce that you will spend hours grinding not only to recover this resource and to climb it level, but above all to get the objects useful to forge a new piece of armor. The exoskeletone sets are different, some of them more resistant but heavy, as well as lighter but also more fragile ones, and only trying and trying to mix them will be able to adapt them perfectly to our style of play. In general, the strongest ones require a higher energy level than the character, but in practice you will not feel this limit even after a few hours of playing.