Lords of the Fallen sags in many ways, but the mechanics of the game was really good. This is the main thing – the developers have shown that they like Dark Souls, understand how Dark Souls works and why it’s so cool to swing weapon.

And let the first time they have not all turned out, it was possible to hope that this understanding will enable them to create a worthy heir to the “shower” in the future.

And yet look at hopes were justified. The Surge (2017) – in any case, not a substitute for Dark Souls, to the famous series of level it is still not reached, but it’s really great game.

Yes, and with the usual mechanics it is experimenting, moving away from blind imitation farther than the Lords of the Fallen.

The developers have chosen to Nioh, betting on more sleshernuyu mechanics – with combinations. In The Surge are five types of weapons, and each has its own set of attacks and ligaments – to move quickly with a heavy hammer or ax on a one-handed weapon will not work.

Each style must be “master” – here again I want to remember Nioh and strongly praise the game. Because it is deep, it makes dive into the fights and carefully plan your play style. And then there is the drone, which replaces the magic: it’s a little shooting, a little fire pouring a little freezes and does other useful things. But all this tactile feel as close to boevka of Dark Souls.

The impact of the attack, speed, how the hero gets hit, he jumps, dodging enemy attacks – all this gives developers a source of inspiration.

The effect, in fact, turns out nice – everything seems familiar, and like and something new.

Review of The Surge (2017)

But there is a small nuance, which in many ways and allows you to be self-sufficient The Surge game, not a clone. “Hover” on an enemy, you can choose which part of his body you’ll hack. If the peel on the one on which not enough “armor” – will cause increased damage.

And if hard to hack secure the limb, then it will be possible to cut off. A dissection there is quite a tactical (but not as much as in Dead Space, of course): the enemy chopped off the leg you will immediately get a drawing of his pants, and the next time – materials to improve new things. So it works with all limbs and the only way there is produced and improved armor. No randomness – beauty.

But even fatalities that accompany the dismemberment of poor fellows, have embarked on the path of the hero – just a cool look.

Review of The Surge (2017)

However, the uniqueness of The Surge is manifested when you are playing defense. You can not hide behind a shield (which here does not), or weapons and to run in circles around the enemy until his stamina will not end. If we put a block, all – you can not move, and even endurance begins to run out slowly.

Such a system is pushing to ensure that leave the protection of as little as possible by playing more aggressively and more maneuvering. However, Bloodborne, where fast attack after receiving a slap could recover health, cope with this problem better.

So why do we need a block? From it you can jump and duck, especially leaving from stylish horizontal enemy attacks and quickly passing to the offensive. But be warned – it’s damn hard to do without and this can be quite mechanics.

But the details here are not important, the main thing – the combat system in The Surge is based on skill. Even the fat security guard in the most powerful exoskeleton can zakovyryat at least a piece of pipe with which the hero starts the game. Just to have enough dexterity.

If not enough – all the same pipe can pump so that no huge torches and axes are not needed. In The Surge is not useless equipment. And you know – it is excellent.

Review of The Surge (2017)

Not great here at all – only the setting and bosses. Not that the idea of ​​«Dark Souls in the future,” I did not like. Yes, and it worked in the mythology of The Surge in great detail. But painfully typical future happened with the developers. Earth in crisis, with environmental problems, there comes into play CREO Corporation with certain global and radical solution to the problem. Of course – all lies and lies. In this design done perfectly – the game looks great, reminiscent at once and “Alien” (just look at those corridors and orange-yellow exoskeletons), and Deus Ex, and Dead Space, and generally almost the entire popular video game fiction. That’s the beauty and the problem. All very cool and stylish looks, but the world The Surge have nothing of their own.

But there is a problem and more serious – the logic. In the yard in the future, why fight with sticks and torches? Where firearms? First, the game is trying to get out, and she even turns out – we play for a worker accident happened in the assembly department, and that’s all the fighting tools. But then there is a guard and special forces – they why they fight with sticks and axes (sorry – futuristic sticks and axes)? The only exception – the flamethrower, but it was easier to give automatic firearms, so overclocking distraught workers would be much more effective than passing.

Yes, and why the hero does not die, and the enemies respawn after visiting medstantsii (local “fires”) – the game does not explain. This is all, of course, is not a disaster, but the game worth it as the product of such logical failures is markedly reduced.