The Super Mario Odyssey finale shows that Nintendo is changing

The princess agitates as Mario takes action immediately to match the hated rival, offering a bunch of flowers in turn (those that make it faster, I do not remember if they have a precise name). At that point, stunned by the behavior of the two contenders, our princess goes aw


ay, leaving the two with a fist of flies, while Mario comforts Bowser with a pouch on the hull. Finally: Peach greets everyone, Mario shoots a pose using the thrust of Bowser’s horned hood, logo, jingle break, end.

Such a finale, frankly, is exciting. I was there to scream “Bravi!” Clapping on the couch. Let’s also let it come after a very galvanized moment in which the Bowser is capped. In addition to being well done in terms of direction and staging, it is a sequence that dramatically flips all that has been the Nintendo canon in terms of “Maries” adventures.

Below, you become cheerful for Bowser. In the end he did not really want to kidnap Peach, but just marry her. Sure, against his consensus and still ta


king her away from the luxurious castle but never exercised violence on the blonde. And then, Mario, who first seems compassionate with his rival in love, then jump in the head for the sole purpose of putting himself in ch


arge for the same woman who, shortly before, both downloaded coolly. Always Mario, so infant to rival with Bowser with a bouquet of flowers and


finally Peach, cold and austere as only a noblewoman (sour) knows how to be. In all this Mario is, in fact, defeated, Peach has the knife on the handle and in the endgame it also takes the trouble to leave the castle in a hurry and fury (do not tell me where because I have not yet discovered it). In short, for a Nintendo title

The Super Mario Odyssey finale shows that Nintendo is changing

, especially tied to his top character, is not bad either. So so protective and traditional with its brands, ready to hurry up against the unwanted con


tent uploaded to the net, between mod and video of YouTube, but with the first Super Mario for Switch it takes the trouble to mix the cards. In th


e aforesaid sequence in which Bowser impersonates, there is also a vaguely rocky musics in the background that twists the eye at some moments of Sonic 3D adventures . So, what’s going on?

Nintendois changing, and is doing it on various levels. We talked about this topic at the beginning of the year by analyzing the launch, but above all the previous promotion, of Switch. Far from the way we were used to the launch of a Nintendo ha


rdware that, for the first time, is made really sexy for the consumer. We later became aware of the devastating Breath of


the Wild , which evolves, pleases and at the same time recreates the dictates of The Legend of Zelda with an adventure known as Ga


me of the Year . And we look at him with a Super Mario Odyssey who is questioning us all about what position he will be in the series, because many are questioning the supremacy ofSuper Mario 64 and the Galaxy .

For sure, Odyssey does a lot of new things. It becomes an open world with levels that seem to be weighted by a Dark Souls , and others by aesthetic too far from canons like New Donk City . Finally, he tells his characters putting them under a whole new light.

At this point, I want a Super Mario Odyssey 2 as soon as possible.