The star “Aquaman 2” gathered to expel after the torture of Johnny Depp

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After the publication on the network of new materials on the lawsuit between the famous actor Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) and his ex-wife Amber Heard (Amber Heard), the actress gathered to completely expel from the movie “Aquaman 2” from DCwhere Hurd was supposed to play Meru again.

Recently, a record was published on the network in which the actress and ex-wife Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, during a conversation admits that she repeatedly beat Depp, hit him in the face and threw all kinds of objects at him, including aluminum cans and vases. According to, after that, fans of Johnny Depp, who was accused of domestic violence against Amber Heard, launched a new campaign against the actress and her further appearance in films. So, many fans immediately supported the petition, in which Amber Heard, who played an important role in the superhero project “Aquaman”, was demanded to be expelled from the film “Aquaman 2”. At the moment, almost 160 thousand people signed the original petition, and more and more petitions against the actress appear on the network. Warner Bros. Company Pictures has not yet responded to fans’ demands, and has not announced whether Measure will appear in the upcoming Aquaman 2.

Along with demands to expel Amber Heard from Aquaman 2, Johnny Depp fans also began to actively support the actor, and began to sign a petition demanding that Depp be returned to the Pirates of the Caribbean series for the role of captain Jack Sparrow. According to the latest information, Johnny Depp will no longer appear in this image, instead the producers plan to restart the entire franchise, and take on the role of Jack Sparrow a young actor. It is assumed that this role may fall to Zac Efron (Zac Efron). At the same time, many fans are sure that “Pirates of the Caribbean” became popular precisely because of Depp, and refuse to see anyone else in this role. At the moment, more than 75 thousand fans have signed demands to return Depp to the role of Jack Sparrow.

The last time on the screens, Amber Heard appeared in the movie “Aquaman”, released in 2018. The next work Hurd should be the film “Aquaman 2”, which is planned only for 2022. Johnny Depp has also not appeared on screens since 2018. According to, the actor should return to the role of Gellert Green-de-Wald in the film “Fantastic Beasts 3” in 2021.

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