The RPG you do not expect

The desire of independent teams to get out of the media grip of “small productions” is something that is radically changing the world of videogame development. Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom represents the perfect sum of the will of the current market. Funded by kickstarter now three years ago ,


the first work of the French Enigami team takes a lot of hands from the stories written twenty years ago by the same designer Samir Rebib. 


The title is full of great ideas and many problems, which end up turning it into a game hardly digestible by the general public. A vibrant and palpable passion pervades the whole project, but this is not enough to make it enter the Olympus of independent productions.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom can give you many hours of fun, net of the technical aspect


To talk about the plot of Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is as simple as it is obvious. We are on the side of fairy tales, despite some sporadic colors of narrative maturity. Everything takes hold immediately after the sudden landing of Cado and Poky on a land unknown to them.

The RPG you do not expect

The two Waki ​​- this is the name of the race – will be called to save the universe accompanied by three other playable characters and a spirit called Earth. In about fifteen hours necessary for the main quest only, the game will put you in front of intrigues of power and cold relations at first, which will be consolidated or finally breaking with the progress of the events.


Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom can certainly not be considered a title that makes narrative originality (and gameplay) its workhorse; but at least with regard to the lack of standard cutscene, replaced by well-crafted cartoons, these make everything more enjoyable and worthy of your attention.Traveling to the Celestial Islands will give you the opportunity


to discover an artistically extraordinary world inhabited by creatures out of your mind, more or less hostile according to the type and our behavior. Its RPG nature will inspire you to discover more and more the characteristics and possibilities of a beautiful land. Surely you will not live the ruin experience of your life, but the title has several arrows to your bow and try to exploit them in the best way.



Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is certainly not lacking a fair amount of trophies to conquer. Forty-three to be exact, including the coveted platinum.


The requests to bring them to your wall are the most disparate, from earning a hundred times an S in combat, passing through the creation of at least ten recipes, up to the need to finish the game without a single KO. It may take at least thirty hours for all these tasks, which can increase dramatically based on the speed and capacity of each individual player.


The RPG you do not expect

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom is special, even if the first few minutes are enough to understand that you are faced with a very classic role-playing game. Using a triangle-invokable menu you will be able to manage equipment, party priorities, skills and quests. All in the norm, at least until the first fight during which we find ourselves catapulted into an episode of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm.


What we would normally face with a series of characters and their skills becomes a one-on-one fight within a well-defined arena.The possibility of giving the change with another partner and the need to exhaust the vital bar of all the opponents, before they are the ones to do the same with you, is the basic rule on which the whole experience is based.