The review of Fart Simulator 2018

“This is the hymn of the body dissolved, it can only sing those who caca of a lot, if you are surprised the reaction is strange because shitting above all is human,” Roberto Benigni sang when he was still Roberto Benigni. What is considered to be one of the lowest functions of the human body, one of which is not to speak absolutely at aperitifs or at an elegant dinner, is actually intertwined with a double mandate with our culture.

The review of Fart Simulator 2018

Let’s say that it is the fertilizer. Dario Fo told of when St. Francis threw dung on the Pope and curia arousing a great scandal. After all, the jester of God entered the church naked well before those who today do it to make a transgressive portrait to share on social media. God himself, in Deuteronomy, worries about where to send his people to fulfill his needs:


“You will have a place outside the camp and there you will go for your needs.In your equipment you will have a peg, with which, when you crouch down out, dig a hole and then cover your excrement. ” Nothing strange, since for believers it is he who created us, including holes and excrements, so it is also right that he should give us a tutorial on all our mechanics.


And if for De André “From the manure the flowers are born”,for Freud we all cross the so-called anal phase, between eighteen and thirty-six months (someone never overcomes it)

In which we become aware of our sphincters and start to get interested and enjoy pooping (if you are interested in the subject, read “Three essays on sexual theory” and live happily).


Surely the coprolalia, that is the uncontrollable impulse to pronounce obscene words and phrases, can be considered a disease, but feces and bodily functions have always been used, from below and from above, as an instrument of desecration of power. The solid substance is that constipation does not make even queens happy.

Fart Simulator 2018 certainly does not have such a cultivated background. It is probably more the work of a bored young boy who wants to show off using the classic gimmick of the noisy public fart. The one usually followed by sghignazzi idiots. However, unlike many other similar operations,


in this case the premise was at least followed by a real game, sometimes even well done, even with all its limitations. In truth Fart Simulator 2018 is divided into four games all with fart as leitmotif:


in the first you need to fart on the customers of a shopping center, avoiding to get caught by guards and gym and overinflate by spending too much time between a wind and the ‘else, on pain of explosion in a brown cloud; in the second you have to reach the space using guess what ‘propulsive force?

We do not believe it is difficult to get there; the third is a mockup of the Metal Gear series, called Metal Fart Solid, in which a certain Colon ‘El entrusts us through Codec the task of foiling the plans of the terrorists of Fart-Hound who are combining who knows what in the base of Shadow Noses; the fourth and last is a graphic adventure (very short) that becomes a survival action in which one is armed with a rifle firing fears against the terrible zombies. Let’s be clear: we are faced with a poor title, very low price, which runs out in about an hour.


Some sections, particularly that of traveling to space, are pathetic, to be kind, but we swear that Fart Simulator 2018 manages to snatch more than a few giggles and also has moments that we do not hesitate to define brilliant.


For example, remember the famous fight with Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid in which you had to change the controller door to escape its psychic powers? In Fart Simulator 2018 there is a certain Bloody Mensis, which is defeated by literally disabling the sound to stop his terrible song.


Even the arcade phase is better than it seems, since playing will unlock several bonuses, such as a smart screen cleaner or invisibility, which add an unexpected variety to the action.