The review by Mario and Rabbids, the new exclusive Nintendo Switch

The fighter plumber and his chosen shooter brother
Without anticipating details about the entertaining script that Ubisoft has created for Milan, we only reveal to you that you will find yourself with a Kingdom of Mushrooms invaded by the Rabbids.
In an attempt to put an end to this weird melee, our heroes then start out with an adventure that will take them along four different worlds, each consisting of nine chapters, each consisting of up to four battles each, with two boss fight (at times genial in the atmospheres, especially that of the third!) for every world.
Let’s start with the combat system: with the peace of those who expect a game for young people, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle  rests on a solid battle system, capable of offering a certain depth and gives enormous satisfaction as soon as it manages to master it .
Maps in which rounds are held are often generous and very inspired, rich in ideas to be used to be opponents, while the mechanics studied by developers allow you to perform pyrotechnic combinations between your team members, always capable of to make you smile.
As we had anticipated in our previews, each of the three party members can do three actions per turn: move around, use a weapon between the primary and the secondary, and activate a dormant protection / attack to use as soon as the enemy turns.
The three possibilities for each character require you to put in place a well-meditated strategy, taking advantage of the fact that one can switch from one hero to another at any time before the end of your turn. it is essential to use Mario to strengthen the party’s attack before the other two have, of course, already used the primary or secondary weapon. Among other things, it is particularly brilliant to combine the movements of the characters,
To further deepen the clashes there are several elements that we particularly appreciated: in order to survive, it will be very important to find coverage before the end of your turn, so as not to be exposed to the enemy attacks.
The shells, however, are often perishable, and very powerful attacks by hostile Rabbids could quickly change the cards on the table by altering the battlefield. So here are some instances in which you run your strategy meticulously: in spite of an enemy hidden behind a corner and the chance to hit 0%, for example, you might still decide to attack to throw down the obstacle that protects, so you can release the pull line to another member of your party.
Basically, the combat system is satisfying and reasoned, supported by a fair variety of enemies with different characteristics, which you will have to face differently to limit damage and bring home the victory. A shaky move could jeopardize your strategy and it will always be important, considering that all HP is out of service can not treat an ally even using one of the healers, move step by step while keeping the brain active.
As you master the mechanics, clashes are becoming more and more articulated (and satisfying) to the point that in some cases you might have a twist to twist even by activating the easy mode, specifically selectable at the beginning of each clash by those looking for a ‘ more accessible experience
No game that keeps the eye out for children, in short, but a strategic component that is full of personality despite the similarities not too veiled in the system of the XCOM already mentioned , from which you will hardly be able to get away with the excellent design work done by the developers, able to create arenas with unique features based on the world in which you are playing.
To further enrich the offer is also the fact that not always the goal of the fighting is to send the rug to the opponents: there will also be scenarios where you simply could not win with the brute force, where you will be required to escort a party guest in a particular area before enemies exhaust their HP, or others where you only have to eliminate a number of opponents. Again, the variety is good and developers have wisely alternated fighting types so that experience becomes less repetitive as possible.
The review by Mario and Rabbids, the new exclusive Nintendo Switch