The release dates of the NVIDIA Ampere GPU and cards based on them are named – review

It has long been rumored that NVIDIA prepares new GPUs Ampere. But until recently, the release dates and other data were not specified. Now edition Taipei times with reference to an analytical note Yuanta Securities Investment Consulting Co. claims that new GPUs will appear in the second half of the year.

These chips will be made using 7-nanometer manufacturing technology. They will be engaged in production TSMC and Samsungwhat the CEO of Jensen Huang said earlier. The announcement of the cards is expected in August at the conference. SIGGRAPH.

As for productivity, resource experts Tom’s hardware talk about a 50 percent increase in performance compared to the current generation Turing. In addition, Ampere chips will consume half as much energy as current chips.

It is assumed that the new cards will be able to play games with ray tracing in 4K resolution and at a frequency of 60 FPS. Moreover, the main increase in productivity will be noticeable in gaming laptops. Many companies are already predicting growth in sales of related products.