The publication of Saint Kotar will be handled by Soedesco – Igromania

Publisher Soedesco announced a collaboration with an independent studio Red Martyr Entertainment… The company will release a psychological mystical adventure Saint Kotar… The game is coming to PC and consoles this year.

Red Martyr Entertainment has been working on the debut game Saint Kotar for two and a half years. The developers raised money for its creation through Kickstarter: The developers not only completed the objective, but also unlocked a number of additional objectives.

Saint Kotar is set in a Croatian town. Our heroes are two servants of the Lord, Benedek Dohnany and Nikolai Kalyakin. In 1996, they are trying to find a missing relative – and perhaps this disappearance is associated with the activities of a creepy cult.

The free prologue of The Yellow Mask allows you to get acquainted with the world and gameplay of Saint Kotar. The demo gets mostly positive reviews, taking about three hours to complete.

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