The producer of the series “The Witcher” admitted that the creators made mistakes – review

The screen version of the witch saga on Netflix was one of the most anticipated premieres of 2019, but the result was criticized quite reasonably. The film crew made a number of mistakes during the transfer “The witcher“To the screen, admitted producer Tomas Baginsky.
In an interview with the Polish edition Wyborczą.pl Baginsky commented on the criticisms of critics and told what to expect from the second season.

I adhere to the philosophy that mistakes must be made if you do something. This is a condition of creation: in order not to be mistaken, one must not do anything. For such a large project as The Witcher, we made a lot of mistakes. But not all of us admit. Because it will not give anything to anyone.

Tomas Baginsky

To take into account everything that went wrong, the creators of the series are going in the second season. Work on it has already begun, and the first changes are already known.

Costume designer Tim Aslan was removed from work on The Witcher 2, Lucinda Wright took his place (Doctor Who“). The stuntman Vladimir Furdik will not work for the second season. And the main shootings will take place not in Hungary, but in London.
We now have more time, and even now, when a few months are left before the shooting, much has already been planned and thought out in detail. We did not have this luxury in the first season.

The good continuation is that it is already much more familiar with the material. We already know all the characters very well – after all, the first few weeks both we and the actors only got to know them. And this applies not only to the game, but also to the appearance, costumes, and technical details.

Tomas Baginsky

The continuation of the adventures of Geralt from Rivia, Jennifer from Wengerberg and Ciri from Cintra awaits us in 2023.