The most anticipated game in 2017 on PC

Visitors GameTarget.Ru site is sure to have fans not only multiplayer, but also singles: Single coil design tell a compelling story, impressed by the unusual gameplay mechanics, and just be entertained in the absence of an internet connection. For these users, we have prepared a list of anticipated games of 2017.

Last year was rich in high-profile releases. In the new well is expected to more high-quality projects in the MS, which should tell us more, so you know what to look for in the first place. As usual, for the greater convenience of the game in this collection are divided by genre.


List of the most anticipated games on the PC in 2017 «RPG» category led the Mass Effect Andromeda – a continuation of the fantastic saga of the studio BioWare has . Players will find a new home for humanity, having gone to the Andromeda galaxy. In the new world colonists waiting unusual opening, dangerous battle and difficult decisions.

Back from a long space to the Earth will be in the action role-playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, performed in the setting of the Middle Ages. The developers promise a non-linear storyline, realistic combat system, the living world and advanced crafting system.

Well, aside from serious somber stories allow the game South Park: The Fractured But Whole, based on the animated series “South Park.” At this time, the characters transform into superheroes and start their own “civil war” that might inflame passions and scope of action exceed the same name event in the comics and the Marvel films.

Also in 2017 it is worth paying attention to the game about the plight of the doctor-vampire Vampyr: Darkness Within, a new project from the authors of the “Gothic” called Elex, “a sci-fi Dark Souls» The Surge, a cooperative party RPG Divinity: Original Sin 2 and based on Norse mythology “dyabloid» Vikings – Wolves of Midgard .

Shooters and action games

New products in this category of games will give gamers designs for every taste. So, for science fiction fans studio Arkane Studios is preparing a shooter Prey , where players will have to fight with the aliens to the space station, using a variety of weapons and abilities – including the ability to turn into any object environment for camouflage.

Postapokalipsisa lovers will appreciate the original story of action role-playing NieR: Automata, which tells about the adventures of a girl, android, which is fighting with robots enslave Earth until humanity hiding on the moon. Game features dynamic gameplay, stylish visual component and impressive design bosses.

For those who appreciate the freedom of action and likes to create chaos in the gaming world, Studio Sumo Digital will offer shooter Crackdown 3, which for the first time the franchise will lose exclusivity for Xbox. Gamers waiting for a crazy shooter, full of destructible levels and the possibility of cooperative transmission.

Stealth fans will get 2017 simulator sniper Sniper Elite 4 and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, as well as the stealth-actionabout the adventures of a thief Goblin Styx: Shards of Darkness. Connoisseurs of unusual history is empty on a journey through the subconscious depths of the Celtic women in slasher Hellblade: Senua`s Sacrifice . I would like to see among the anticipated games on the PC Dead Western of Red Redemption 2, but it is likely that this year he will visit the only console.


The main strategy of this year will be the Warhammer 40 , 000: of Dawn of War III of – the long-awaited continuation of the series. On the mysterious planet Acheron encounter the three factions: Space Marines, Orks and Eldar. In the struggle for the possession of a monstrous superweapon will in the course of all the arguments: from the elite special squad to the giant war machines. Beautiful graphics, precise balance of pathos and crowded atmosphere included.

No less pretentious promises to be a strategy Halo Wars 2 , centered on the confrontation of people and aliens, called covenants. The developers promise a dull story, massive battles and a variety of tactics available to players.

It is also expected to yield from early access to space colonization strategy Endless Space 2 releases the third part of the fantasy saga Spellforce and tactics of World War II Sudden Strike 4.


2017 will be very rich in horror. Leading position in the list of the most anticipated games in the genre on the PC takes Resident Evil 7: Biohazard , which moves away from the action and return to the origins of the series: the players are waiting for stronger enemies, the constant lack of ammunition and a lot of mysteries.

No less interesting will be the game Outlast 2, inspired by the real story of mass suicide of Jonestown residents of the community. The protagonist, a journalist, in the framework of the investigation will go to the desert of Arizona, where he will meet with sectarians and desperate fight for their lives.

Even this year we lavkraftovskimi scare stories in the Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game, offered to monitor suspicious neighbor to Hello Neighbor, sent to walk through Hell in the infernal horror Agony.

Fighting games and platformers

Fans face off in duels virtual waiting two major release: Marvel vs. Capcom : Infinite and Injustice 2 . The first pit fighting with each other universes comic characters and Marvel Capcom games (Resident Evil, Megaman, Street Fighter ), the second of the characters tells the criminals standoff from the universe of DC Comics.

The “genre platformer ” igrodely prepare a variety of original projects. So grim tale Little Nightmares offer us get used to the role of a little girl who is trying to escape from an underwater vessel, populated by huge man-eating monsters.

Adventure Game Night in the Woods tells the story of a teenage cat Mei: players will explore the provincial town of Possum Springs, revealing his secrets, and enjoy the stunning visual design style.

It is also preparing to enter protracted Yooka-Laylee and Cuphead: the first is made in the spirit of classic platformers, and is a spiritual successor to the series Banjo-Kazooie, the second is decorated in the style of cartoons 30s of the last century and offers gamers to fight with many dangerous monsters and bosses.

This is the list of the most anticipated single release in 2017 at the moment. A similar selection of multiplayer games, you can see the link . Undoubtedly, there will be more number of projects that will be announced in the near future: a new game in the series Up Need for Speed , the next release of Call of Duty , and many others. We want to wish all the new games bring you only positive impressions and pleasant emotions.