The Mooseman

Mooseman of The , or in Russian “Chelovekolos”, invented and implemented Permians Vladimir Beletsky , hidden behind the studio with a wonderful name Morteshka . “Platformer adventure game” is ready for almost two years – apparently without undue haste and with a meticulous study of museum values.

The game is a kind of transposition of the traditions of indigenous peoples of Komi, Mansi and Sami, and insert story even announced at Komi. The starting point for the author began archaeological finds – the so-called holy pictures Perm animal style .

So entering the threshold in this case is high, which instantly reduces the already small audience excellent Limbo , Typoman and Never Alone .

Elk Yong, creator of the universe and humans, according to the folk stories had seven sons shamans – those chelovekolosey name. Endowed with divine powers of the parent, they are able to move between reality and spirits measurement.

Sam pervobog Yong somehow piled on the hunt an animal, carrying the sun itself. Luminary collapsed to hell, and the planet was on the brink of apocalypse. Since the offspring of Jena alone descend into hell in order to get a pinch of fire. Day after day…

The path of the fragments of the sun is long – you need striding lower, middle and upper worlds. The greatest attention is paid to the afterlife layer – here we encounter a gigantic bear Osh, a kind of Cerberus, spider Cheranev about seventy-seven eyes (elder brother of Shelob, no less!)

And Krasnooky dead, stuck in Ser-Yu river full of rotten flesh. Needless to say, what he saw so much more impressive than the dry exposition museum.

With big-eyed columns associated pair riddles.

Our shaman slowly wanders from left to right on the background of fantastic 2D-backs – in spite of the modest scale, the artist failed to wade landscapes. Due to the fact that the turtle step chelovekolosya can be done automatically, and move away from the keyboard, calmly sipping tea, of The Mooseman another “demo” stage became an object of ridicule.

‘Simulator’ walk ‘, however, is not devoid of interactivity – over time, the hero is able to light a stick to drive away evil spirits, and to the short period of acquires onions.

Winter taiga, where it is allowed to shoot at wolves – one of the most beautiful locations, dear heart Siberian personally linked to the forest, and had seen the drifts of snow-white birds live.

The core of the gameplay The Mooseman– it is solving brainteasers. Turning to the shadowy world of the shaman makes move boulders (or rather, what we believe boulders), the city of a shelter or the crossing of the abyss. Komi-pagans, fishers and herders worshiped the elements, animals and trees, so that almost everything in the environment is inspired game.

Puzzles are complex only enough to spend a minute or two of them. As the “bosses” are the Sprites yes water, but the battle does not require arcade skill – quite grasp what a mystery, and slowly and thoroughly to solve it before the next six-legged old man moose jaw slowly clicks.

In short, the “bosses” did not violate the majestic gait relaxing gameplay. Marching past the pillars idols, you will open a page of interactive encyclopedia – something like drawings of Never Alone.

Call for repetition – the collection of museum figures (combs, suspension, etc.), distributed into secluded corners. Someone adventure seems unbearably boring – still, his eyes are working, your fingers a rest. I also wanted to know what lived and what they believed in the Urals and the Urals before the arrival of Ermak and industrialists Stroganoff . The narrative touches like in Journey – unlike Owlboy with her children’s story.