The Metronomicon

Characters available will also have a level and as you play you will unlock more powerful or just different skills. To launch one you will need to find a set of notes and stop as soon as you have completed the sequence of the chosen skill. So doing a subtle but fundamen
tally strategic level is added to the management and choice of moves by promptly discussing what to do. Each enemy will have its strengths and weaknesses, and different sequences of actions can lead to victorious or
catastrophic outcomes. This is not a gambling issue in general but to adopt the correct strategy in that context to defeat each monster. The bosses will also put you at the corner forcing you to use a particular character, without the possibility of changing it for a cert
ain period of time. This will clearly make the game much more challenging and will be rewarded to the maximum of the player’s skill who will be able to find all the sequences without smudging. Cherry on the cake is a simple equipment and loot system that will add that extra nuance to your gameplay.
The music assortment is varied and does not disappoint but of course if you do not like the genre this game is not for you. The songs are moving and they provide a good base for your clashes. The curve of difficulty varies greatly from track to piece but in gen
eral it will be pretty steep. Managing all the characters and getting in touch with this game mode may be difficult during the first few hours of play. However, entering the right angle you will find yourself in front of a stimulating title. There is a doubt, however, about the interface, which, though very cautious in the graphics, fails to see a good visual feedback in the case of a properly intercepted note. This makes the game a bit harder because you may not notice
that your combo has been interrupted or that you are losing valuable life points. Using the keyboard then, as we all know, is not optimal for this kind of games and that is why we recommend using a pad.The Metronomicon , in this regard, also offers a good customizable integration with the controller.
The Metronomicon
Only for a few
The longevity of the title does not go far away from the fees we are accustomed to. It is in fact such a feature to propose a limited amount of hours of play limited to the desire to overcome their previous record or that of their friends. Thanks to a multiplayer asynchronous
 The Metronomiconit will make you compare the results with the online ranking, making you realize when you are actually poor with your eight-digit highscore. An additional element to be underestimated is the growth of the characters and equipment availabl
e for each of them that might push you to complete some secondary goals to get the object that you so desire. Ultimately this title did not disappoint us for style and innovation but we reiterate that it is dedicated to a very specific audience.