The Little Acre

The energy of the beats Lily key, scattering in different directions around them. What to say if her own father Aidan morning afraid to get out of bed and wake the daughter?

Therefore, he strongly resort to ploys and comes up with clever ways, including using a faithful dog, Dougal, to get dressed and quietly slip out of the bedroom.

And be sure to get out because it had disappeared Aidan’s father. He was a scholar and engaged in pilot countries, which is why in the home and in the surrounding area you can find a lot of strange devices.

Soon, Aidan and did shows in his barn portal to another world and disappears too.

Lily at a loss and alone for long – to collect the remains of porridge from the ceiling (the result of extreme cooking), it is charged with energy and with her characteristic enthusiasm sent to the portal to find and rescue the family.

But first you have to cut a wooden sword head of garden gnomes (He’s watching me!) To run itself from a large makeshift slingshot and get rid of the annoying attention Dougal. This deep-lazy by nature a dog in the blink of an eye can grasp Lily by the collar and pull from sharp objects and other hazards, acting as a sort of nanny.

Through laughter and tears

In another dimension Lily and Aidan are reduced in size and turned into funny little men, but in fact there is not a laughing matter – and then there are the carnivorous flowers, huge caterpillars, some crocodiles, monsters and suspicious characters with horns and hooves.

Wooden sword here will not help!

If Aidan interacts with them in a conventional manner (about communicating where something falls and fears), the Lily even outlandish flora and fauna dominates his boundless energy and charisma.

As a result, a large caterpillar turns into a hand-dog, a kind of substitute Dougal, crocodiles, sperm whales, beats a wooden sword, carrying Lily from one bank to another, and the carnivorous flowers begin to play a role of original teleporters in horror spitting our girl.

Enough funny situations and when we play for Aidan, but of The Little Acre – this is not a light-hearted comedy.

Often, here, on the contrary, a great tragedy and drama. Protecting the family, Lily will have to win a few dangerous opponents. But all will not be able to save, and the victory over the villain leaves a feeling of slight sadness – in its own way it is also a pity …

There was Lily

Let the word “win” you do not mind. Little Acre of The – this is a classic point’n’click-quest, and you have to win with the help of ingenuity, logic, and active points and items of equipment.

Puzzles mostly is subject. They are quite logical, although sometimes not without raisins – not immediately guess that from the logs and the forks can build hammer.

In addition, we often need to send animals to a particular point that they have helped Lily to get somewhere, opened the door, or do something else useful. There are also puzzles, for example, when it is necessary to set the right combination of lights on the dashboard, but they always have more than comprehensible clues.

Action is constantly switched between father and daughter, and while the gameplay remains the same, this simple technique considerably enlivens history and supports the narrative pace.

The only pity is that this story is too short, and even permanent throwing out from one character to another is not particularly it lengthens.
The game was just a couple of hours that you just do not notice, and after that will require supplements, feeling a slight disappointment. It seems that we face is just the beginning of something bigger, the first part in a series of incredible adventures of Lily and her dad’s in a marvelous and dangerous world. I hope that Charlz Sesil will not only cool writer and game designer, but really competent executive producer.